Chuwi Lapbook Air Incoming

Chuwi is no stranger to taking, what you might call inspiration, from other hardware makers in designing their creations. In fact, a case could be…


HP Also Done With Windows Phone?

Looks like the Windows 10 Mobile experiment did not bring the desired results for HP, with talk that the company is now looking beyond the…


Kaspersky And Microsoft Are Friends Again

But are they best friends forever? Back in June Kaspersky took some extreme measures when it filed an antitrust complaint against Microsoft for what the…


Apple Agrees With Microsoft: Phones Are Dead

Well, smartphones, rather. Microsoft said it loud and clear recently, that the smartphones are dead. At least, in the traditional sense, as we know them. It’s…


They Say That The iPhone 8 Will Copy A Windows Phone Feature

Any guesses which one? Some new hints have been discovered in the HomePod firmware, which reveal that the upcoming iPhone 8 is drawing inspiration from…


Got $1,800? You Can Buy The Dell Canvas 27

One of the more exciting hardware out there in existence is now within reach. That is if you have a shade under $1,800 lying around….


There’s Trouble In Tablet Land

Even Microsoft can’t save the tablet market. Not when there is a clear and present shift towards hybrids and 2-in-1 devices. Figures


Why On Earth Is Microsoft Creating An iPad Touch Cover?

Well, being over suspicious is better than nothing, I always say! A suspicious looking official document has surface, hinting that Microsoft is testing an iPad…


Linux On Windows 10 No Longer In Beta

Microsoft hearts Linux! Those of you that love to run Linux on Windows 10, via the included Windows Subsystem for Linux technology in the operating…

Office iOS Downloads

Office Has Been Downloaded 100 Million Times On iOS, Android

Or rather, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is the one doing the talking here, explaining the details of the mobile first, cloud first strategy — that…

US Government Windows

US Government Says Windows Is Still The Most Used OS

Microsoft’s prized platform, Windows, has been through much over the past few decades, but the mobile revolution has really turned things upside down for the…

Office 2016 For Mac Preview

Office 2016 For Mac Preview Now Available For Download

It has been a while coming but Office 2016 for Mac Preview is now up for grabs for people that want to try out these…

Apple iWork Box

Apple Releases iWork For Windows Users For Free

Well, this is rather out of the blue. Apple has made available iWork for Windows free of charge to users. Everyone can access it, albeit…

Alec Saunders Microsoft

BlackBerry Vice President Returns To Microsoft

With all the news about high ranking official leaving Microsoft, here’s some good news on an experience hand joining the company. BlackBerry Vice President is…

Outlook App Success iOS

Microsoft Outlook App On iOS Quickly Hits The Top Charts

Quite amazing what a little rebranding and a push in the right direction can do for an application. The launch of the Outlook app on…

Website Surface Pro 3 Switch

Microsoft Belts The MacBook With New Surface Pro 3 Website

A website like this would have been a bit more welcome with the Surface Pro 3 first launched earlier this year, but a full six…

Mobile Pwn2Own Lumia 1520

Windows Phone Sales To Triple By 2018, Says IDC

IDC is back with some more mobile forecasts, and the market research firm believes that Windows Phone sales are set for a surge within the…

Intel On Android

Game Over For Intel On Android? Tablet Subsidies Ending Next Year

Undertakings as momentous as this rarely last long. The Intel on Android story may be coming to a halt, with the company reportedly ready to…

Chromebooks Schools

Schools Are Choosing Chromebooks, Not Windows, Claims Google

Schools, not just in the United States, apparently, are choosing Chromebooks, and not Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 with Bing devices. According to Google, that is. The search…