Core M

HP EliteBook Folio 1020

The HP EliteBook Folio 1020 Ultrabook Is Light As A Feather

HP EliteBook Folio 1020 arrives as a refresh to the last year model, the EliteBook Folio 1040. And thanks to the new Intel Core M…

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 2

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 2 Launches, Priced At $979

Broadwell convertibles are in! The leading PC maker promised such devices to be available by the holiday season, and the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 2 is…


HP Envy x2 13 Core M Hybrid Can Be Yours For $800

More Intel Core M goodness. The HP Envy x2 13 tablet laptop hybrid has just gone on sale, and the new convertible makes use of…

Dell Venue 11 Pro

Dell Venue 11 Pro Brings Intel Core M CPU For $799

Intel Core M Broadwell processors are fast becoming a vendor favorite. Dell Venue 11 Pro, for instance, just got a makeover that uses these CPUs,…

Dell Venue 11 Pro Core M

Dell Venue 11 Pro Switching To Broadwell, Core M Processor

The Intel Core M processors are going places. The debut of the Broadwell architecture is coming to the Dell Venue 11 Pro, the company’s larger…

Intel Core M Logo

Intel Core M Notebooks Pricing Starts At A Remarkable $199

The first batch of Intel Core M notebooks is on track for release this holiday season, though most of the new such machines will only…


Intel Core M Broadwell Is Blazingly Fast, Refreshingly Cool

Intel hasn’t shied away from hyping up its Core M Broadwell chips, and for good reasons too. The near future could see the solution powering…


Core M Broadwell CPUs Launching This Holiday, Intel Confirms

Whew, finally, some official confirmation! Intel is rightly labeled as the chip giant. The company has a way with designing processors that no other company…

Week In Review

Week In Review (Jul 14 – Jul 18)

No prizes at all for guessing what the top story for the week is, none whatsoever. CEO Satya Nadella jolted the technology world by announcing…


Intel Core M Broadwell CPUs Delayed, So What Else Is New?

Delays, delays. At this point in time, it can be said with reasonable assurance that things are not going all that well for Broadwell. Intel…


Intel Core M Broadwell CPUs For Tablets Get Detailed

Intel is rightfully called the leading maker of computer chips. The company is far ahead of the competition in technology, and is gearing up to…


Game over for Windows RT? Intel unleashes Core M processors for tablets

End of the line for Windows RT? Now this is a line we have read many a times, in many a places. The original Surface RT…


Intel Shows Off Fanless Broadwell Tablet, Promises 130 New Models

Boy, Intel was really not joking when they announced the goal of seeing 40 million tablets hit the store shelves, powered by several of its…