Oscars Statues

Bing Correctly Predicted 84% Of Oscars 2015 Winners

A little thing called the Academy Awards were held this past Sunday, also known as Oscars 2015. And Microsoft’s Bing prediction engine once again to…

Cortana Rollout Europe

Cortana Launched In France, Italy, Germany And Spain

The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and Spain make up five of the biggest markets in Europe. Cortana was already available in the first, and…

Video Cortana vs Siri You Say

Another Microsoft Ad Takes It To Siri, Dot View Case Highlighted

Recall the Dot View case that HTC first bundled with the Android version of HTC One M8, and then brought to the Windows Phone flavor?…

Video Cortana vs Siri Bigger

Cortana Siri Duel Continues, This Time On The iPhone 6 Plus

Microsoft has released a new Cortana Siri commercial, and this time the theater is two new handsets that offer these digital voice assistants. And the…

Cortana Canada Launch

Cortana Launch On Android, iOS Pretty Much Confirmed

It has been in the news for a while now, but Julie Larson-Green has finally confirmed it. Cortana is set for a launch on other…

Cortana UK Evening Reminder

Cortana UK Starts Showing Evening Reminders

Windows Phone fans in the United Kingdom now have access to another new feature, as Cortana UK has been updated to show evening reminders, just…

Cortana Bing Features Update

Cortana Supercharged With Several New Bing Features

Cortana and Bing are two Microsoft platforms that see regular, round the month updates. In fact, thanks to the search engine, the digital voice assistant…

Lumia Denim Update

Lumia Denim Update Could Be Here In Two Weeks Flat

Two weeks for the rollout to begin but the completion could take a few months, as usual. The Lumia Denim update, it appears, is almost…

Cortana Canada Launch

Cortana Canada Launch Set For This Month, Alongside Lumia 830

Hold your horses, people, the Cortana Canada launch is expected just a few weeks from now. Microsoft will introduce the digital voice assistant in the…

Cortana Features Dice Coin

Cortana Can Now Roll Some Dice, Flip A Coin

Cortana gets new features by the dozens every year. At least that’s the plan for Microsoft, with regular new additions every couple of weeks or…


These Cortana Vs Siri Ads Are Running A Bit Thin Now

Apple is currently under fire on a few fronts including iOS 8 and the iPhone 6, but Microsoft is continuing the assault with new Cortana…


Microsoft Office 16 Brings Back Clippy, They Say

Microsoft Office is, for all intents and purposes, the company’s biggest breadwinner. Office 16, it is now being said, is the new version of the…


Microsoft Takes Another Jab At Siri In New Cortana Commercial

There are a lot of other areas where Microsoft can talk down the iPhone, but the company is focusing on Siri, as this new Cortana…


Strange New Lumia Ads Pick On Apple iPhone

Hmmm. Apple continues to talk smack about the Surface Pro 3, while Microsoft continues assault on the iPhone, this time with three strange new Lumia…

Week In Review

Week In Review (Sep 1 – Sep 5)

From the cautious letdowns of the past week, to the pleasant highs of this one. The year’s IFA has been the reason of much joy…


Jen Taylor, The Voice Of Cortana, Is An iPhone Fan

Well, what do you know! Microsoft’s digital assistant service, Cortana, has been in the news these past few months, and here’s another electrifying new development. Cortana…


You Can Now Launch Cortana By Simply Saying “Hey Cortana”

One certified success story of the Microsoft’s mobile platform in the past few months is Cortana, the digital voice assistant that debuted with Windows Phone…


Highlights From Microsoft’s IFA 2014 Berlin Press Event

Microsoft’s anticipated press conference as part of IFA 2014 Berlin just concluded, and the company had a lot to share in terms of new devices…


Microsoft Rolls Out Hilarious Cortana Vs Siri Commercial

Being the underdog has its advantages. Microsoft have released a pretty neat Cortana vs Siri commercial that takes a jab at Apple, by comparing the…


Microsoft Showcases Windows Phone Apps That Work With Cortana

Windows Phone 8.1. Cortana. Indispensable. The number of Windows Phone apps that work with Cortana is slowly but steadily increasing, as both the operating system…