Microsoft Will Explain Windows 10 Mobile Future When Ready

Even though Microsoft executives have made it abundantly clear that the company is still fully supporting Windows 10 Mobile platform, their decisions have not always…


This Is Why Joe Belfiore Has Been Using An Android Phone

Joe Belfiore of Microsoft is no stranger to controversies. It’s part and parcel of his job, as one of the leaders of the Windows Phone…

Panos Panay Lesson

Surface Creator Terms The $900 Million Writedown A Valuable Lesson

So this happened. Microsoft unexpectedly announced a new Surface tablet, the Surface 3, earlier today. And this successor to the Surface 2 is set to…

Bill Gates Rich

Bill Gates Named The Richest Person In The World, Again

Good old Bill is in the news again. Forbes just released their rich list for the year, and Bill Gates ended up being the richest…

Alec Saunders Microsoft

BlackBerry Vice President Returns To Microsoft

With all the news about high ranking official leaving Microsoft, here’s some good news on an experience hand joining the company. BlackBerry Vice President is…

Dean Hachamovitch Exit

Internet Explorer Development Head Leaves Microsoft

The exodus continues. Microsoft has parted ways with several key employees in the past couple of years, and the head of the Internet Explorer development…

Cortana Canada Launch

Cortana Launch On Android, iOS Pretty Much Confirmed

It has been in the news for a while now, but Julie Larson-Green has finally confirmed it. Cortana is set for a launch on other…

Bill Gates Steve Ballmer Friends

Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, No Longer The Best Of Friends?

The Microsoft story is never complete without a mention of the friendship that co-founder Bill Gates enjoyed with recently retired CEO Steve Ballmer over the…


Peggy Johnson Is The New Executive VP Of Business Development At Microsoft

Another rumor that proved true. Microsoft have just announced that a former Qualcomm executive, Peggy Johnson, is officially joining the company to head up global…


Senior Qualcomm Executive Peggy Johnson Joins Microsoft

Downsizing your company by 18,000 in one stretch does not mean you cannot hire new faces, and Microsoft has just added a high-profile executive from…


Senior Nokia PureView Expert Bypasses Microsoft To Join Apple

Microsoft, when they took over Nokia’s devices services unit, also acquired some 25,000 or so workforce of the Finnish telecom company. But it now appears…


Microsoft: We Value The Desktop, It Is The Core Of Windows

A leisurely stroll is a gift, but when you stray too far away voices will be raised. This is what happened with Windows 8 as…


Senior Windows And Office Executive, Antoine Leblond, Departs Microsoft

It is always a significant occasion when you spend 9,000 days at a company and then decide to part ways. This is what Antoine Leblond…


Bill Gates Reportedly Did Not Agree With Microsoft’s Nokia Acquisition

Insider details are always a good read, particularly if they are as juicy as this. The world might be against Steve Ballmer, justified in many…


Microsoft Confirms The Departure Of Tony Bates And Tami Reller

The rumors were all true! Redmond has just made an official announcement confirming that both Tony Bates and Tami Reller are parting ways with the…


Office VP For Marketing Drops Metro Office Hint, Talks About What To Expect

While Redmond has, so far, been awfully coy about its operating system strategy, the company is nowhere near as discreet about what is next for…


Tony Bates And Tami Reller Are About To Leave Microsoft, New Report

Keep on shaking, until things go right? Well, if the start of February brought the big news that Satya Nadella has taken charge as the…


Week In Review (Feb 24 – Feb 28)

One of the busiest weeks of the year in computing and technology just ended, with the 2014 edition of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) being…


Windows RT Is Here To Stay, Says Former Windows Boss

Microsoft’s under fire platform, Windows RT, may have been criticized by hardware vendors around the globe, with many completely outright abandoning it, but the company…


Here Is The Memo Julie Larson-Green Sent Out This Morning

Julie Larson-Green, at one point in the not so distant past, was considered one of the biggest internal talents at the company, and one that…