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Facebook Breaks Up With Bing, No Longer Shows Results

Bing is on the richly deserved position of the second most used online search engine in the United States and Europe with some 20% of…

Cover Facebook Edition

Sublime Facebook Covers With Cover Facebook Edition

Exclusive Windows Phone apps are few and far between, and good ones are even rarer. Cover Facebook Edition is an example of one such application…


Microsoft Transfers The @Messenger Twitter Account To Facebook

The word Messenger has a new meaning! Microsoft’s Messenger service has been discontinued completely now, as the company focuses its communication efforts on the Skype…


Download Chit Chat For Facebook, A Facebook Messenger Replacement

The world may be moving towards mobile apps, but desktop applications still are the real deal. Particularly those that provide both style and substance, like…


Windows Phone 8.1 Versions Of Skype And Facebook App Coming Soon

After having nailed the hardware, design and pricing of smartphones, the app ecosystem is the only major thing Microsoft has to sort out for the…


Facebook Messenger For Windows Phone Released

Although it appears that the iOS and Android apps still remain the primary focus of Facebook, at least in terms of features, the company rolls…


Microsoft Said To Have Paid $150 Million For Assets Of A Wearable Computing Firm

So you guys may have heard the little news that Facebook has snapped up the company behind the Oculus VR (virtual reality) headset for a…


Microsoft Was Planning To Buy WhatsApp, Says Bill Gates

Interesting. Very interesting. Facebook took the technology world by surprise when it announced a few weeks ago that it had purchased WhatsApp for the sweet…


Windows Phone 8.1 To Come With A New Facebook Messenger

The Windows Phone 8.1 official reveal is coming in just over a month, but details and information of new features in the mobile OS update…


Facebook Messenger For Windows Will Be Shut Down On March 3

Say goodbye to another Facebook service. The social network has a demanding tendency to launch tools and then let them wither without much in terms…


Facebook App On Windows 8.1 Updated With Tagging And Photo Upload Support

One particular question that popped up when Facebook released its app for Windows 8.1 was whether the social network would update it regularly, adding new…


Microsoft Integrates Facebook Login On Metro Apps

Developers have surely become a priority for Redmond these days. Metro apps on both the Windows and Windows Phone platforms are a key component of…


Facebook Has Now Become The Top Free Windows 8.1 App

It did not take long for the official Facebook app to start tearing up the charts. The social network released the Windows app last week,…


App Watch: Facebook

What, you were expecting something different? One of the most important Metro app releases of all time has finally made its way to the Windows…

Facebook Windows 81

Facebook app for Windows 8.1 has been released

Great catch from Tom Warren at the Verge. It seems as if Facebook has gone ahead and released their new Facebook app for Windows 8.1. From


Official Facebook App To Be Here By The Time Windows 8.1 Launches

I guess if you have to pick a date, there is none better than launch day. October 18 is sure to be the day of…


Facebook App For Windows Phone 7.8 Users Updated To Version 5

Wonder what’s taking Facebook to code up official apps for the Windows Phone platform, which in reality is a bit older and a bit more…


Here Are The Seven Rivals That Microsoft Doesn’t Want Sinofsky To Join

Steven Sinofsky parted ways with Microsoft back in November. The leader of the Windows 8 development team caused quite a stir in the technology world…


Read The Technology Industry’s Letter To Obama On NSA Transparency

The technology industry has had it a bit rough when it comes to user privacy, with concerned consumers raising voices on how their data is…


Microsoft Confirms Official Facebook And Flipboard Apps Are In Development

You can finally cross them off the list. Microsoft just announced at BUILD that a bunch of high profile apps are coming to the Windows…