The road to Windows 8 Part 4 – What this means for Windows 8 developers

Welcome to part 4 of my series, The road to Windows 8. In the first part I talked about the BUILD conference. In the second part,…


Now Google is looking at buying Yahoo too?

Man, this is getting more and more interesting. First, we talked about Microsoft possibly trying to acquire a stake in Yahoo. The Wall Street Journal is…


WSJ says Microsoft might be serious about this Yahoo thing

So once in a while you’ll hear something or write a story and still not believe what you’re actually writing. This is one of those cases.


Intel promising more than 60 Ultrabooks in 2012

Speaking to Liz Claman of Fox Business Network, Intel CEO Paul Otellini confirmed that “we have 11 companies shipping different SKUs, different models this Christmas.” He…


Microsoft reportedly might buy Yahoo – umm why?

OK Microsoft, things have been going well. Don’t screw…


AT&T showcase their new Windows Phones : HTC Titan, Samsung Focus S & Focus Flash

Microsoft’s Phone President Andy Lees showed off three AT&T-branded Windows Phone 7 (Mango) phones today. This is an indication of some of the Windows Phones that…


Why are vendors all scared of the Amazon Kindle Fire?

So the word on the street is that PC vendors like Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Dell reportedly plan to venture into the development of Microsoft’s Windows…


Apple Iphone 4s – 3 days, 4 million units sold

Hard to spin these numbers any other way – Massive success. Cell phone juggernaut Apple announced sales of its iPhone 4S have topped 4 million since…


The road to Windows 8 Part 3 – The Metro Interface

So, in this third part of my Road To Windows 8 series, I want to talk a little bit about the Windows 8 Metro interface. In…


The Windows 8 Developer Preview can run on Microsoft Surface 1.0

The Windows 8 Developer Preview can run on Microsoft Surface 1.0 Josh Blake from Infostrat does a demo of the Windows 8 developer preview running on…


Skype has a new post acquisition website

Like we said, Skype is an entirely new business division within Microsoft. Skype CEO Tony Bates will assume the title of president of the Skype…


Apple underwhelm with IOS 5

Apple released the newest update to their mobile Operating System -IOS 5 yesterday. Funny, I remember being a lot more excited about it when Steve Jobs…


The road to Windows 8 Part 2 – The Vision

This is part 2 of a multi part series that will deal with the big picture on Windows 8. Part 1 dealt with my experiences


Microsoft really empower their Windows 8 development teams

So Microsoft have this Windows 8 development blog that they use to communicate changes and concepts about the new Operating System. You can get…


The road to Windows 8 Part 1 – The BUILD conference

So I’ve wanted to do a multi part series on Windows 8 and my thoughts about the OS but quite frankly up until now, I’ve…


Windows 8 – New Graphics Capabilities

No matter how many applications Windows 8 can run, you will never realize its full potential unless you are a gaming enthusiast. Windows 8 will come…


The Gartner Group recommend enterprises move to Windows 7 – not 8

Once in a while the Gartner Group will say something that I tend to agree with and I (unfortunately) will publicly agree. Well boys and girls,…