Fantasy Farms

Windows 8.1 App Watch: Fantasy Farms

Pretty neat name for a pretty neat game. Fantasy Farms tasks you with growing a farm in a fantasy land, where orcs, dwarves, elves and…

The Tribez

Windows 8.1 App Watch: The Tribez

Funky name for a neatly designed building game. The Tribez lets you develop your very own village, from the humblest of beginnings all the way…


App Watch: WordBattle

There are a handful of games that feel completely at home on Microsoft’s brand new platform. One look at WordBattle and it becomes clear that…


App Watch: Monsters Love Candy

You’ve got to admit when Microsoft develops games, it develops them good. Though game development has been out of the spotlight at Redmond recently, the…


App Watch: Gravity Guy

Developer Miniclip has just rolled out a special promotion for a few of its Windows 8 games, and the selection includes the popular Gravity Guy…


App Watch: Drift Mania Championship 2 Lite


App Watch: 7 Little Words

Ready for some puzzling adventures? Or how about adventurous puzzles? Either way, you are in for a treat if you like word games, solving crosswords…


App Watch: Puzzle Craft

The amount of apps on the Windows Store is continuously growing, and this past month or so has actually seen several quality games land on…


App Watch: What’s The Word?

Call them by whatever name you fancy, but puzzle games where the player has to guess a word based on a selection of descriptive images…


App Watch: Slot Machine

While the Windows 8 platform may still be waiting for that killer app (or game) that other competing platforms have enjoyed over the years, it…


App Watch: Logos Quiz+

Quiz and guessing games are all the rage on other platforms. Finally, a quality one shows up for Windows 8. And judging by the amount…


App Watch: Radiant Defense

Habitual mobile users among you may be well aware of the Radiant Universe, a world developed by Hexage with multiple games across genres available on…


App Watch: Sea Quest

The Windows Store is going through a rather interesting phase right now. While new app submissions have slowed down from the highs of the not…


App Watch: Stickman 2D: Evolution

The Windows 8 platform is still holding out for that killer exclusive game that brings it to the attention of masses. Both iOS and Android…


Minesweeper Finds Its Way For Windows RT

Before Minecraft, there was Minesweeper. The classic logic game has been included as one of the built-in games for Microsoft’s operating system since Windows 3.1. This…