Microsoft Will Explain Windows 10 Mobile Future When Ready

Even though Microsoft executives have made it abundantly clear that the company is still fully supporting Windows 10 Mobile platform, their decisions have not always…


There’s Trouble In Tablet Land

Even Microsoft can’t save the tablet market. Not when there is a clear and present shift towards hybrids and 2-in-1 devices. Figures

Windows XP PC Sales Decline

PC Sales Go Down, Windows XP Blamed Once Again

The retirement of Windows XP is, once again, the talking point as PC shipments across the globe dropped by significant margins in the first quarter…

Windows Phone Shipments 2014

Windows Phone Shipments Up, Market Share Down

Time for some fresh Windows Phone shipments and market share analysis. Microsoft’s mobile operating platform had a tough year, with fewer high profile smartphone releases…

Brazil Flag Fancy

Windows Phone Overtakes iOS In One More Market

Microsoft’s going all in with bringing the Windows Phone platform to more affordable price points, and it is only a matter of time the operating…

Mobile Pwn2Own Lumia 1520

Windows Phone Sales To Triple By 2018, Says IDC

IDC is back with some more mobile forecasts, and the market research firm believes that Windows Phone sales are set for a surge within the…

Windows Tablets Growth

Windows Tablets Post 67% Year Over Year Growth

While Microsoft has not yet been able to take the market share of Windows tablets beyond the 5% mark, the platform has shown some amazing…


Lenovo Confirms Sales Are Up Due To Windows XP Retirement

Windows XP retirement is at it again. Almost every other manufacturer has confirmed that Microsoft pulling the plug on the old operating system has had…


Windows Phone Q2 Market Share Drops To Just 2.5%, IDC

IDC have just released their newest figures revealing the worldwide shipments of smartphones by operating systems for Q2 2014, and Windows Phone suffered both a…


Smartphone Market Posts 23.1% YOY Growth, IDC

If you ever had any doubts that we live in a smart world, consider this. Smartphone shipments have steadily grown these past few years, and…


Worldwide Tablet Market Up By 11% In Q2 2014, IDC

Now here is an interesting reveal. Research firm IDC has just ousted its tablet figures for the second quarter of the year, and they make…


PC Shipments During April And June Fall Just Short Of Growth

You could be forgiven for thinking the technology world revolves around smartphones and smartwatches, wearable gadgets and 3D printers. The good old PC (and laptops)…


Tablets with large screens are the future, says IDC

Redmond have taken a number of bold steps in the last couple of years, perhaps few more so than the release of a tablet with…


Windows Phone On Track To Double Its Market Share By 2018

Forecasts. There may be such a thing as predicting too deep into the future. But the smartphone world is not all that susceptible to these…


Yes, Windows XP has helped the PC market that has been going down since Windows 7

Analysts love to be right. Most do. With the looming retirement of Window XP on the cards, market watchers readily made a number of predictions, the…


IDC Does Not Believe Windows 9 Will Save The Faltering PC Industry

Depending on who you choose to believe, Microsoft will launch the next full version of its flagship operating system, dubbed Windows 9, either late this…


Annual Smartphone Growth To Hit Single Digits By 2017, Forecasts IDC

The good old days are about to end, and soon. The signs were already there, as consumers shifted their attention to tablets as opposed to…


The Ridiculous Growth Of The Tablet Market Is Coming To An End, Says IDC

Eight miles high and falling fast! The sharp growth of the tablet market is soon about to be toned down due to market saturation, the…


Users See Fewer Reasons To Upgrade Their Old PCs, Says IDC

Windows 8 launched with great expectations, more so from the PC hardware industry that was seeing faltering sales due to the emergence of popular mobile…


Windows XP Retirement Has Slowed Down The Decline Of The PC Industry

This much is certain that whenever the state of the PC hardware industry is brought up, talk about the Windows operating system is not far…