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Intel Ready To Unleash $99 Windows Powered Tablets

Microsoft and Intel are no stranger to the hardware game, though one barely...

Microsoft Outlines Plans To Bring Windows To Small Devices, Including Mugs

I’ve always wanted to say that I’ve got Windows on my coffee mug!...

Week In Review (Mar 24 – Mar 28)

Close is a relative word, but so is most. And as we move...

Second Wave Of Intel Bay Trail Processors Incoming, And Fast

This might not be a tower defense game, per se, but it is...

Intel Announces Plans For An 8-Core CPU With Support For DDR4

The chip giant is back in business! The desktop side of the business,...

Google, It Is Said, Fears Dual Boot Devices Will Push Windows 8 Over Android

Even if you are one of the more innovative technology companies around, sustained...

Next Generation Broadwell Ultrabooks Said To Be Coming In Q4 2014

Been holding out on that ideal ultrabook purchase? How about some Intel Broadwell...

Intel Aims To Leap Ahead In 2014 With Cherry Trail Chips

Tired of hearing about all the Bay Trail news? Intel’s current generation Atom...

Intel Announces 64-Bit Merrifield And Moorefield Mobile Processors

The battle for 64-bit mobile processor supremacy is heating up. Apple may have...

What To Expect From Windows Tablets At MWC 2014?

Barcelona is, once again, set to host the 2014 edition of Mobile World...
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