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Tim Cook Believes Microsoft Should Have Launched Office For iPad Earlier

I am sure there are a whole bunch of people that hold this...

Apple Does Indeed Take Its 30% Cut From Every Microsoft Office Subscription

The usual 30 percent, eh? The ratio by which app revenue is split...

Here Are The Official Office For iPad FAQs

For some Microsoft has done the unthinkable, while others are wondering what took...

Office For iPad Officially Announced, Should Be Available Today

While users of the most popular tablet in the world have been able...

New Ad Shows How Microsoft Convinced A Girl To Choose Surface Over iPad

If you are in the market for a new tablet, and for some...

Microsoft Press Conference Set For March 27, Office For iPad Expected

One of the more eagerly awaited Microsoft products could be here before the...

Office For iPhone, iPad Ready To Launch, Says Reuters

The only thing that remains is the final approval from recently crowned CEO...

Microsoft Takes A Jab At iPad And Android While Praising Windows 8.1 Devices

Redmond may not be all that active in CES 2014, surely not as...

Ballmer Confirms That Office Will Come To The iPad

In true, honest form, that is. Official clients for the cloud-powered Office 365...

Microsoft Upgrades Its Trade-In Program Ahead Of Windows 8.1 Launch

Redmond put up its brand new trade-in program last week whereby the company...
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