Hey! What about the On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 8?

Oops! I forgot to tell you about the On-Screen Keyboard. This is another keyboard available through Windows 8.


Handwriting Recognition Keyboard in Windows 8

Continuing my investigation into the Touch Keyboard,  I checked out the Handwriting keyboard. This seems to be a misnomer for it as there are no keys…


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Gartner is having a tough Windows 8 day

Gunnar Berger, research director at Gartner is having a really bad week. He wrote a series of (5) posts that were actually pretty balanced…


Microsoft talks about the Windows 8 Touch keyboard – Video

In a new post on the Microsoft Windows 8 development blog, Microsoft explain some of the thinking behind their enhanced “on-screen keyboards” in…


Does The Keyboard And Mouse Work Well For Navigating Windows 8?

Navigating to the charm bar using a mouse. Windows 8 doesn’t work that well with keyboard and mouse, plus having…