Windows 8.1 App Watch: Newspeye

With the way Microsoft’s modern operating system targets tablet users, it comes as no surprise that news readers are among the most popular apps on…


Windows 8.1 App Watch: TechCrunch

It is mildly amusing how some of the biggest technology websites have faltered when it comes to creating apps for Windows 8. AOL might be…


Windows 8.1 App Watch: News Republic

Another news app? Well, why not. Particularly if it is so well designed and feature rich like this one. Already a star on other mobile…


Windows 8.1 App Watch: Reuters

It is not often we cover two news apps in one week, but after highlight NBC News recently, it is time for another quality addition….


Windows 8.1 App Watch: NBC News

Considering the close association Microsoft enjoys (or enjoyed) with NBC, it came as no surprise that an official NBC News app arrived on the Windows…


BUILD 2014 is coming soon. What are you looking to learn about from Microsoft?

So this year the BUILD conference will be held in my former play area – San Francisco. I’ll be there for a few days to bring…


Windows 8.1 App Watch: The Huffington Post

Another official client has landed on the Windows Store. And this time The Huffington Post is in on the action, with an application that brings…


Windows 8.1 App Watch: Discovery News

Discovery is another one of the companies that have taken to development on Microsoft’s new platform, and it has just launched another loaded little app…


Windows 8.1 App Watch: Flipboard

You would be surprised what 592KB worth of data in apps gets you these days. Take the official Flipboard app, for instance, that has finally…


Windows 8.1 App Watch: Medium Reader

Curiously named, this is a reader app that provides Windows 8 users access to the content published on the popular publishing platform, Medium. And it…


App Watch: Weave News Reader

News reading apps are all the rage on mobile platforms currently, and Windows 8 already has a few good apps available for this purpose. Now…


App Watch: Newseen

Have space for another little news reading app, one with a bit of a social sparkle? Well you better, because this is one is one…


App Watch: Readiy

There already are a few good news feed readers (RSS) available on the Windows Store, but this new one aims to offer a lot of…


App Watch: Rockmelt

The past week or so has seen a bit of a flurry of high profile Windows 8 apps make their debut on the Windows Store….


Windows Blue Public Preview will be here in June 2013

Microsoft Windows chief Julie Larson-Green confirmed at the Wired Business Conference today that developers will be able to download and install the Windows Blue update…


So regarding my interview with Adam Hartung

So regarding my interview with Adam Hartung. The response to this article has been fantastic. A lot of people have emailed me saying that they absolutely agree…


App Watch: CNN App For Windows

While the number of available apps on the Windows Store is continually rising, a disconcertingly large proportion of applications for Microsoft’s new platform are from…


Steven Sinofsky offers a “trip report” about CES 2013

Former Windows Head Steven Sinofsky updated his blog with a disturbingly detailed recounting of CES 2013. Ironically, if you didn’t attend CES this year, this blog…


How Windows 8 SAP applications are a blueprint for Windows 8 enterprise success


How many licenses sold would make Windows 8 a success?