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Two New Nokia Windows Phone 8.1 Devices Emerge

Nokia is set to be part of Microsoft in just a day or...

Nokia Updates App Folder For Windows Phone Devices

Thank havens for Nokia! Soon to be part of Microsoft, Nokia is the...

Microsoft To Finalize The Nokia Acquisition On April 25

Some more official news heading our way, then. Microsoft have just confirmed that...

Microsoft Nokia Deal Heading Towards Completion This Month

But they said the same last month! Microsoft’s final transaction for taking over...

Nokia Issues Charger Warning For The Lumia 2520 Tablet

Shocking, absolutely shocking! Nokia has halted sales of its first ever Windows powered...

Nokia Shows Off Cortana And Calendar On Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia Devices

Commentators have been quick to point out that Cortana, the digital voice assistant...

Nokia Confirms Dual SIM Lumia 630 May Launch At $169

It really is amazing what $169 gets you these days. The trickledown effect...

Nokia Introduces The Living Images Feature For Lumia Devices

Keep on innovating, Nokia. By far the biggest reason why Nokia has been...

Superman And Moonraker Are The Codenames Of Upcoming Nokia Devices

Nokia recently lifted the veil of its new lineup of Lumia handsets. The...

Nokia Lumia 930 Is Now Official, Takes Its Place As The New Flagship

Contrary to some reports that said otherwise, Nokia has gone on and announced...
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