Even An Apple Executive Knew How To Save Windows Phone

As did a million other souls, perhaps. Because there was a time when the Windows Phone platform was well and truly in the ascendency, at…

Windows Phone Loss

Microsoft Loses 12 Cents On Every Windows Phone Sold

No one ever said that the mobile market was an easy fish to fry. Microsoft is learning this first hand, as both Google and Apple…

Microsoft Campus Layoffs

Microsoft Layoffs Continue, Hundreds Let Go In New Round

Or what is actually termed as the final round. More depressing news, but we just had the latest round of Microsoft layoffs with the company…

China Factory Workers

Microsoft To Shut Down Two Plants In China, 9,000 Affected

The Chinese Odyssey continues for Microsoft. Since the Nokia acquisition, the technology titan has been gradually cutting jobs and releasing its surplus workforce. No surprises here,…

Nokia Lumia 930 Discount UK

Have £299 To Spare? You Can Get A Lumia 930 With Free Fitbit Flex

Finally, some Lumia 930 news. Microsoft’s strategy of delaying the launch of new Windows Phone flagships handsets until later this year when Windows 10 for…

Lumia 520 Discount

Microsoft Now Selling The Lumia 520 For Just $29

Care for a clear out sale? Microsoft is now offering the Lumia 520 for just $29. Yes, this is the same handset that took the…

Nokia Logo Earnings Blue

Nokia Q4 2014 Results Show A Sharp Increase In Profits

Microsoft had a perfectly fine quarter in mobile, moving 10.5 million Lumia handsets, but guess which company found even bigger success. Nokia recorded a massive…

Nokia HERE Windows Phone

Nokia Halts Development On HERE Maps Windows Phone

Nokia has made some odd decisions over the year, so gear up for another peculiar one. The company has stopped development of HERE Maps Windows…

Two McLaren Windows Phones

Microsoft Actually Cancelled Two Secret Windows Phones

McLaren and McQueen? Who’d have thought! We have known for a while that Redmond was cooking up to new high end Windows Phones. They were,…

Lumia 1030 Xenon Flash

50 Megapixel Lumia 1030 Reportedly Lacks Xenon Flash

Microsoft looks all set to release its next flagship, an imaging flagship, in the form of Lumia 1030. The anticipated handset has been in headlines…

Samsung Windows Phone Deal

Samsung Believes Nokia Takeover Violated Deal With Microsoft

Samsung has been acting up recently, with the refusal from the South Korean technology giant to pay royalties to Microsoft. And some new information has…

Microsoft Lumia Branding

Leaked Photos Reveal The First Microsoft Branded Phone

Microsoft has already made it official a couple of weeks back that it would be replacing the Nokia monikers on its Windows Phone devices with…

Microsoft Lumia Official

Microsoft Lumia Officially Replaces The Nokia Brand

The classy Microsoft logo is now going to be a norm on new smartphones, as we have official confirmation that Microsoft Lumia brand is now…

Nokia Brand Dropped

Microsoft Replaces The Nokia Brand With Microsoft Lumia

Another big transition for Redmond. Microsoft Lumia is now pretty much a brand, as the company is said to have finally made the decision to…

Lumia Denim Update

Lumia Denim Update Could Be Here In Two Weeks Flat

Two weeks for the rollout to begin but the completion could take a few months, as usual. The Lumia Denim update, it appears, is almost…

Stephen Elop Book

New Book Claims Stephen Elop Was Just A Bad CEO For Nokia

Stephen Elop had a pretty thankless job when he took charge of Nokia as CEO. His association with Microsoft and the decision of adopting Windows…

Lumia Ringtones

Download These Newest Lumia Ringtones, Free From Microsoft

Nokia has made a few iconic mobile phones, and the company was behind some of the most fabulous ringtones. Even the Lumia ringtones are eminently…

Nokia Lumia 530 US Launch

Nokia Lumia 530 Finally Launches In The United States

Another unqualified success? Although the Nokia Lumia 530 has some solid competition in the form of the Lumia 630, there is every chance that it…


Nokia Lumia 735 Ad Promises Perfect Selfies Every Time

It did not take Microsoft long to hop onto the selfie bandwagon. The recently released Nokia Lumia 735 comes with some amazing photography capabilities, as…


Nokia Scales Back Work On HERE Maps On Windows Phone

Something for the awkward column. Nokia have created a pretty good service in the form of HERE Maps on Windows Phone. But there is a…