August Patch Tuesday Updates For Windows 10 Now Live

Microsoft has begun the process of rolling out the August Patch Tuesday updates for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile devices, with these patches now…


Oodles And Oodles Of Windows 10 Updates To Launch This Week

Make room! As is typically the case with Microsoft, the company is gearing up to launch a whole bunch of Windows 10 updates as part…

Windows Flag

Microsoft Unleashing 34 Windows Updates Today

And interestingly, these are not part of Patch Tuesday, or Update Tuesday, or what have you. More so, these Windows updates are flagged as optional…

Windows Store App Crashes

Microsoft Fixes Widespread Windows 8.1 App Crash Issue

Things sure seem quiet ever since Microsoft dropped their policy of advanced notifications for Update Tuesday releases. However, the company did release a few patches…

Patch Tuesday Bugs

KB3001652 Patch Causing Computers To Lock Up

Oh boy, not again. It’s Patch Tuesday time. Or Update Tuesday, if you will. And this time around, another patch is causing trouble for users…


First Update Tuesday For 2015 Brings One Critical Fix

Microsoft has started rolling out the first Update Tuesday fixes for 2015, and a total of eight security bulletins are now available that fix recently…

Botched Patch

Another Botched Update? KB3002339 Fails To Install

At least for some users. Another buggy update seems to have slipped through without Microsoft noticing, as there are reports that KB3002339 is giving trouble. The…

Update Tuesday December 2014

Final Update Tuesday Patches For The Year Start Arriving

The final Update Tuesday cycle for the year is here, and the December 2014 patch releases fix a number of critical flaws in Microsoft products…


Microsoft Reveals Update Tuesday December 2014 Details

The Update Tuesday December 2014 release cycle will be here in a couple of days, say Tuesday, December 9, and Microsoft has announced critical updates…


Windows Getting An Emergency Security Patch Today

Not often do we get out of band security fixes from Microsoft, but the company has just announced one for all versions of Windows. This…


Windows, Office Getting 16 Security Updates Next Week

The Update Tuesday cycle for November is here, and Microsoft has announced no less than 16 security updates for Windows and Office that will be…

New Surface Pro

Microsoft Promises Final Resolution To Surface Pro 3 WiFi Issues

Redmond seems to have finally nailed an extremely annoying problem. Surface Pro 3 WiFi issues have been nagging users for ever since this deluxe tablet…


Critical Security Fixes For Internet Explorer This Update Tuesday

Brace for some critical hits next week. A bunch of critical security fixes for Internet Explorer are coming, and immediate deployment is recommend for these. Microsoft…


Another Microsoft Security Update Broken, Removed

This botched security update thing is turning out to a quite some saga. Call it complexity of the software involved, of not enough testing, but…


Microsoft Pulls Another Botched Windows Update, KB2889866

Well, what do you know! Even though Microsoft only released a few updates this time around, there is news that another botched Windows update slipped…


New Surface Pro 3 Firmware Finally Fixes Limited WiFi Bug

Smack on target, Microsoft have launched a new Surface Pro 3 firmware update. And according to the release notes, this one takes care of the…


September 2014 Update Tuesday Brings Fixes For 42 Flaws

There is something for everyone in the Update Tuesday release for this month. Microsoft has started rolling out patches and security fixes for this cycle,…


Four Bulletins This Time For Update Tuesday September 2014

We have the preliminary details of Update Tuesday September 2014, and this time around Microsoft aims to keep things nice and simple. Only one Critical…


Users Still Reporting Windows 7 BSODs After New Patch

Well, at least the problem is not as widespread or as lethal as last time. Microsoft released a new patch but it appears that Windows…


August Windows Updates Can Result In A Horrible User Experience, Microsoft

The recently released August Windows Updates are causing a fair amount of trouble for those affected, and although Microsoft has promised a fix, the company…