Windows XP PC Sales Decline

PC Sales Go Down, Windows XP Blamed Once Again

The retirement of Windows XP is, once again, the talking point as PC shipments across the globe dropped by significant margins in the first quarter…

Lucoms Windows 8.1 PC

Microsoft Unveils Dongle Sized Windows 8.1 PC

How about a new Windows 8.1 PC? One the size of a dongle? With HDMI, USB and microSD ports for portability as well as connectivity?…

Intel Logo Hardware Sales

Intel Thinks Windows XP Is To Blame For Weak PC Sales

How quick the tides turn! Intel was one of the companies that was quick to note that the retirement of Windows XP had a positive…

Intel Logo Building

Intel To Merge Mobile CPU And Computer Divisions In 2015

It may seem all serene on the outside for Intel, what the with chip giant coming off of another record breaking financial quarter. Inside, though,…

Dell Windows 7 Promotions

Dell And HP Still Pushing Windows 7 Hardware

OEMs. Enough said. It’s been two years to the day since Windows 8 made its debut, but companies like Dell and HP are still keen…


Windows 7 OEM License Sales Ending This Week

Time for Microsoft to bring its modern operating systems into the spotlight. Windows 7 OEM license sales are soon to be part of history, with…

HP Splits

HP Splits, Consumer And Business Divisions Now Separate

You may recall, back in 2011, HP tried to sell its PC division. The decision to leave the PC market altogether was perplexing, considering the…

Week In Review

Week In Review (Sep 22 – Sep 26)

Excruciating is a word you don’t often hear in the context of computing technology, but the wait for Windows 9 is now a bit racking….


Microsoft Has Officially Saved The PC Industry

How about some refreshing news to kick off the day? Refreshing Microsoft news. If you ask the PC industry, the company finally seems to be…


Lenovo Confirms Sales Are Up Due To Windows XP Retirement

Windows XP retirement is at it again. Almost every other manufacturer has confirmed that Microsoft pulling the plug on the old operating system has had…


HP Still Pushing Windows 7 PCs Hard In Brand New Sale

It’s a company eat company world out there. Despite the emphasis on Windows 8 by Microsoft, HP is still directing its consumers towards Windows 7…


Around 8.4% Of Desktop Computers Still Running Windows XP

That is, in total. Windows XP was officially retired earlier this year, and even though users and companies are steadily moving away from this old…


Windows XP Retirement Is Only Slightly Helping The PC Industry

Surely, the collapsing PC hardware market could use all the help it can get, but it appears that the retirement of Windows XP has only…


Microsoft Continues Chromebook Offensive, Offers Windows PC Alternatives

Redmond initiated a campaign against Chromebooks last month, one that had been a long time coming. The company tried to show buyers how Windows powered…


Lenovo Readying Several Budget Notebooks For The Holiday Season

Windows 8 looks set to conquer the affordable notebook segment, with news that a number of companies are unleashing their solutions priced in the $199…

Week In Review

Week In Review (Jul 7 – Jul 11)

The calm before the storm? Sure looks like so. Something big is brewing at Redmond, with rumors and reports point at some big unveils and…


PC Shipments During April And June Fall Just Short Of Growth

You could be forgiven for thinking the technology world revolves around smartphones and smartwatches, wearable gadgets and 3D printers. The good old PC (and laptops)…


Desktop PC Sales On The Up, Thanks To Windows XP Retirement

If you are been longing to hear some good news, then there is plenty in this new report by market research firm Canalys. And yes,…


This Chart Shows How Windows XP Retirement Is Helping The PC Industry

One of the bigger news stories of the month is the confirmation that the retirement of Windows XP has helped the faltering PC hardware industry….


Yes, Windows XP has helped the PC market that has been going down since Windows 7

Analysts love to be right. Most do. With the looming retirement of Window XP on the cards, market watchers readily made a number of predictions, the…