HP Just Can’t Make Up Its Mind On The Elite x3 Price

Not in the UK, at least. The HP Elite x3 is pretty much the only real Windows 10 Mobile flagship handset on the market, but…

Windows 8.1 Desktop Clean

Partner Site Reveals Windows 8.1 Pricing For OEMs

Although the Windows 8.1 pricing scheme is not the biggest mystery in the world, things got rather interesting when Microsoft announced at BUILD 2014 that…

Chromebook Prices

The World Is Ready For $149 Chromebooks, Is Microsoft?

Google have built their success on either offering amazing stuff away for free, or at low, low price points. Chromebooks seems to be following this…

Infographic Lumia 635

New Infographic Shows The Affordability Of Windows Phone

Another new Microsoft infographic. The company only sparingly releases infographics, and when it does they’re mostly for Windows Phone. However, this new one makes a…

Intel Core M Logo

Intel Core M Notebooks Pricing Starts At A Remarkable $199

The first batch of Intel Core M notebooks is on track for release this holiday season, though most of the new such machines will only…


Windows 9 Free For Windows 8 Users? Could Be

Several sources have weighed in on how Microsoft will release their next operating system. Making Windows 9 free for Windows 8 users is a notion…


New Surface 2 Discount Gets You The Tablet For $349

Been waiting for the opportune moment to get Microsoft’s newest Windows RT tablet? This new Surface 2 discount means the tablet now starts at $349. This…


Microsoft Makes Office 365 Free For Even More Users

That’s the way to do it. The Office division is fast becoming the most important cornerstone for Microsoft, and the cloud powered Office 365, the…

Week In Review

Week In Review (Jul 14 – Jul 18)

No prizes at all for guessing what the top story for the week is, none whatsoever. CEO Satya Nadella jolted the technology world by announcing…


Microsoft Announces New Office 365 Plans For Businesses

Office 365 is getting popular by the minute, and all types and sizes of organizations are subscribing to the cloud based productivity suite. At the…


Office 365 Price Increased, Subscriptions Now More Expensive

Price hikes. Upsetting, but ultimately, inevitable. Microsoft is now preparing a price increase for subscribers of the Office 365 cloud based productivity service. Enterprise customers of…


Windows 8 Users Might Be Able To Buy Windows 8.1 Update 2

This was interesting when we first heard about it, it is still interesting now. According to reports, Microsoft is preparing a paid option for users…


OneDrive Prices Slashed By 70%, Free Accounts Now Get 15GB Space

Cloud storage is terribly decisive in the sense that most premium users, when locked into one service, rarely change providers. It comes as no surprise…


Price War Starts In The SSD Market, Expect Massive Price Drops

No one ever said that price wars are beneficial or lucrative for companies in a specific industry, but for those that buy said products, the…


Motorola Moto 360 Price Is Reportedly Quite Affordable

The smartwatch industry has to deal with skeptics and doubters at this earliest of stages, even though a wide variety of models are now available,…


Make Way For Affordable Windows Tablets, $100 And Up, Says Microsoft

The 2014 edition of the Computex technology show brought with it a few surprises, but none sweeter than the confirmation that Windows tablet prices are…


So can we talk about the pricing strategy for the Surface Pro 3?

OK so it’s time to piss off a bunch of people and talk about the pricing of the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Ever since Microsoft…


Surface Pro 3 Goes On Sale Tomorrow, Starts At $799

Microsoft calls the just announced Surface Pro 3 as its most powerful tablet ever. One look at it and you know it is also the…


Microsoft Drastically Cuts Windows XP Custom Support Prices

Whoa, I did not see this coming! Nah, I’m only kidding, this was always on the cards. While Windows XP is now an unsupported platform,…


Unified pricing scheme results in strange Windows Store price changes

BUILD 2014 is mostly about coding and build applications for the various Microsoft platforms, and true to the nature of the event, the company