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ALL Microsoft Surface Pros are sold out online!

I hope that’s impressive. While we don’t know how many units were manufactured for the first online run, the Microsoft Store is reporting that


The Reason Why a Microsoft-Branded Phone WILL Come Soon

To my mind, the phone above represents the reason why a Microsoft-made phone running Windows Phone 8 will become available in 2013. Right now, Google’s…


Microsoft Surface RT 32GB Tablet only Sold Out

The Microsoft Surface with Windows RT 32 GB (Tablet Only) seems to be sold out for now. Pretty impressive for Redmond it seems. It will be interesting…


Microsoft Surface temporarily sold out in France and Germany

Apparently, there is SUBSTANTIAL worldwide interest in the Microsoft Surface. It seems that Microsoft has run out of the Windows RT tablet in both Germany and…


Microsoft Surface 32GB without cover temporarily sold out in UK and Canada

That was quick. The Microsoft Stores in the UK and Canada are reporting that the 32GB version of the Surface (without the touch cover) is temporarily sold out. Seems…