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Microsoft Admits That Removing Desktop Start Was Like Taking Away A Warm Blanket

If you’ve ever wondered how crunch decisions like these are made in large...

The Start Button Is An Old Friend That Is Now Back, Says Microsoft

Windows 8.1 has now taken flight, and the new operating system is available...

Microsoft Explains How Windows 8.1 Is A Must Have Upgrade

With Windows 8.1 just around the corner, Redmond is increasing its efforts to...

Windows 8.1 To Launch In 60 Days

Let the countdown begin! Windows 8.1, the first ever refresh of Microsoft’s flagship...

Windows 8.1 Does Not Allow Users To Disable The Start Button

Microsoft has brought back the Start button in Windows 8.1, even if its...

Power Options Will Be Included In Windows Blue Start Button

Well, well, well. Technology rumors are a funny thing, but it is always...

Watch Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Teaser Video

Microsoft has just presented a new Windows 8.1 video with the intention of...

Windows 8.1 Boot To Desktop Option Caught On Camera

Microsoft has already detailed several of the new features and option that it...

New Video Shows The Windows Blue Start Button In Action

As far as the upcoming refresh of Windows 8 is concerned, we have...

Windows 8.1 Build 9415 Finally Comes With A Start Button

There is new build of Windows 8.1 reportedly out in the wild for...
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