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Screenshot Shows Windows 9 Start Menu In Action

It’s raining screenshots! We were treated to the first screenshot of an alleged Windows 9 build a day or so back, and now an image…


Could The Start Menu Be Back With Windows 8.1 Update 3?

Things are moving fast in the world of Windows. With development of the second update for Windows 8.1 currently at an advanced stage, word is…


Windows 8.1 Update 2 Rumored To Be 3GB In Size, Start Menu Not Included

For something that is expected to arrive as early as August, we only have a few nuggets of information available here and there about it….

Week In Review

Week In Review (Jun 2 – Jun 6)

This week was all about Computex 2014, the stylish technology extravaganza. And Computex was all about Windows powered devices, from the Intel Core M announcement…


Microsoft delays the launch of Start Menu, might arrive with Windows 9 in 2015

If you were the type that was still holding out for the new Start Menu to arrive later this year, in the second update for…


Week In Review (Apr 21 – Apr 25)

One of those weeks that started great, but finished with aplomb. Microsoft was expected to complete the Nokia takeover deal, however, the company also decided…


Microsoft wants to clearly distinguish between PC and tablet users

Convergence. It is not always on. Or recommended. Microsoft might have tried this philosophy on for size a couple of years back, but the company…


Second Windows 8.1 Update Reportedly Set For August Arrival

When Wzor is in action, Mary Jo Foley is not far behind. The fan favorite (and utterly reliable) leaker of Microsoft information brings good news…


Start Menu Will Return To Windows This Fall, New Report

The king returns! No, I’m not talking about the Start Menu that is primed to be back to the Windows operating system in the near…


Here Is The Video That Shows The Returning Start Menu In Action

One of the bigger news stories, at least in the world of computing technology, was the official confirmation that Microsoft would be bringing back the…


Week In Review (Mar 31 – Apr 4)

So then, the big week has come and gone. Microsoft had a lot to live up to at BUILD 2014, and it did. From our…


Microsoft Admits That Removing Desktop Start Was Like Taking Away A Warm Blanket

If you’ve ever wondered how crunch decisions like these are made in large companies, then wonder no more. It is tough going, brother, with lengthy…


Start Menu Will Return In A Future Windows 8.1 Update, Microsoft Confirms

Well, it’s official people. The Start Menu will return to Windows in a future update. Microsoft shared this exciting news at BUILD 2014, saying that…


Let’s Hear It: Do You Want The Start Menu Back In Windows 8.1 Update 1?

So here’s the deal. The various reliable and not-so-reliable sources have hinted that Windows 8.1 Update 1 is about to bring back one of the…


New Windows 8.1 Update 1 Leaked Screenshot Shows The Existing Start Menu

There is a time for surprises, and there is a time for spectacles. Windows 8.1 Update 1, it seems, is interested in neither, as a…


Week In Review (Jan 6 – Jan 10)

Missed this column? I know you did, I just feel it in my water! The end or start of years is rarely the time to…


The Start Menu Could Actually Be Back With Windows 8.1 Update 1

The first refresh of Windows 8.1, titled Update 1, is all the rage at the moment, and the usual suspects have started splashing out bits…


3 Features Microsoft Got Absolutely Spot On In Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 has now been out in the wild for a couple of months now, and save for the few unlucky souls that are still…


What Could Have Been — 6 Microsoft Missteps In 2013

Nothing in life has any business being perfect. When taken in context, 2013 for Microsoft has been a country mile better than the previous year….


Former Apple Executive Thinks Bringing Back The Start Menu Is A Smart Decision

Microsoft may not have officially spilled the beans on this, not yet, but a number of credible sources have claimed that the company is planning…