Steve Ballmer Archive


Week In Review (Apr 14 – Apr 18)

Normalcy resumed after the dizzying highs of the past few weeks in the...

Fake Steve Ballmer Twitter Account Gets Instantly Zapped

Big old Steve. Even when he is out of his position at the...

Satya Nadella Impresses In His First Appearance As CEO

Smart men are smart men. And nowhere else was this universal truth verified...

Apple Does Indeed Take Its 30% Cut From Every Microsoft Office Subscription

The usual 30 percent, eh? The ratio by which app revenue is split...

Steve Ballmer Thinking About Leaving Microsoft Completely

Well he is almost near retirement age, anyway! Former Microsoft CEO of 13...

Week In Review (Mar 3 – Mar 7)

Things are heating up, wherever you look. Microsoft has completed development on Windows...

Bill Gates Reportedly Did Not Agree With Microsoft’s Nokia Acquisition

Insider details are always a good read, particularly if they are as juicy...

Ballmer Admits Microsoft Made A Ton Of Mistakes Under His Leadership

It is amazing just how quickly perspective changes when one has more time...

So Long, Steve — 5 Memories From The Age Of Ballmer

Today belongs to Satya Nadella. Much has been said and written about Microsoft’s...

Reuters Claims Satya Nadella Is All Set For Microsoft CEO Post

Among rumors, leaks and screenshots, one thing is becoming clearer with each passing...
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