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Gates Appears On Colbert Report, Talks Healthcare, Microsoft And Steve Jobs

Microsoft co-founder and co-chairman of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Gates just appeared on The Colbert Report, where he was answered several questions…


Apple CEO has choice words about the Microsoft Surface

During Apple’s Q4 earnings call, there was quite an interesting moment where the Surface came up. Mr. Cooks amusement/irritation showed in his answer. 5:31PM Here’s a follow-up: “With…


Apple’s mixed bag – the new iPhone 5 looks a little long in the tooth but is extremely powerful

New! Check out our iPhone 5 Picture gallery Today was Apple’s live (long awaited) press conference where they were widely expected…


Guest Post – I Personally don’t miss Steve Jobs

Disclaimer: This article is my opinion only and not the opinion of If you want to yell at anyone, yell at me. I haven’t had…


I miss this man – Video

Just watching this man speak reminds me of what technology strategy and leadership should be.


Apple’s Tim Cook gives Windows 8 the middle finger

Glad to see that all the success hasn’t gone to Tim Cook’s head. This Tuesday at a conference, Apple’s CEO came out with all guns blazing…


Interview with Sir Jonathan Ive – True creativity needed for Windows 8

Fantastic interview with Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design. He is widely considered to be the driving force behind all of Apple’s major products from the…


Apple announce the release of the iPad 3 or "The New iPad"

Apple announced that the new iPad will be available in 10 countries on March 16 beginning at $499. Apple will begin taking pre-orders on its website…


Quote of the day – Steve Jobs on Microsoft

Steve Jobs’s withering assessment to his biographer Walter Isaacson. “They’ve become mostly irrelevant,” Jobs said of Microsoft. He then got going on how salesmen like Ballmer…


Is Steven Sinofsky the best choice to replace Steve Ballmer as CEO of Microsoft?

Steve Ballmer has been hammered by the press, the media and bloggers for almost as long as he has been CEO of Microsoft. The gregarious CEO…


Bill Gates shows class when responding to Steve Jobs barbs

Bill Gates recently responded with a lot of class to comments from the late Steve Jobs who had criticized the Microsoft co-founder, saying Gates was…