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Microsoft And Yahoo Battling For iOS Default Search Position

My, how times change! It seems only yesterday when Microsoft was locked in...

Microsoft Nokia Deal Heading Towards Completion This Month

But they said the same last month! Microsoft’s final transaction for taking over...

Business Users Get A Reprieve From Installing Windows 8.1 Update

At least, for a few good months. Historically, Microsoft has had a pretty...

Microsoft Drastically Cuts Windows XP Custom Support Prices

Whoa, I did not see this coming! Nah, I’m only kidding, this was...

Microsoft To Implement A Smartphone Kill Switch Program By 2015

Muggers could be in for some tough times soon! The absolute explosion of...

Custom Windows XP Support Is The Last Resort, Says Microsoft

Microsoft has signed a number of important deals, these past few months, really,...

Is The Scroogled Campaign Finally Retired? Sure Looks Like It

Microsoft made many friend and a few enemies with its Scroogled campaign that...

Windows XP Users Already Under Attack, Fake Drivers Abound

Hackers and cybercriminals work in mysterious ways, but even then it is not...

If Windows XP support is being provided to large organizations, why not end users?

The unthinkable has happened. We are now living in the post Windows XP...

Microsoft Drops Bing From Its Bing Apps On Windows Phone

Redmond has just updated its lineup of Bing apps on Windows Phone, and...
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