Windows 10 Lays The Smack Down On Windows 7, XP

It’s that time of the month again! The one where we take a look at how the Windows ecosystem is doing. More importantly, the performance…


Windows 10 Turns Two, What’s Your View?

So, something absolutely magical happened couple of days back! Windows 10 celebrated its second birthday this past Saturday, what with Microsoft having launched the OS…

Windows Phone European Market Share

Windows Phone European Market Share Crosses The 10% Mark

No looking back now? Fingers crossed. Windows Phone European market share simply keeps on growing, and the latest data from Kantar shows that the platform…

Oscars Statues

Bing Correctly Predicted 84% Of Oscars 2015 Winners

A little thing called the Academy Awards were held this past Sunday, also known as Oscars 2015. And Microsoft’s Bing prediction engine once again to…

Outlook App Success iOS

Microsoft Outlook App On iOS Quickly Hits The Top Charts

Quite amazing what a little rebranding and a push in the right direction can do for an application. The launch of the Outlook app on…

Surface Pro 3 Sales Success

Surface Pro 3 Is A Raging Success, Claims Analyst

Microsoft’s newest tablet (which is actually not that new) the Surface Pro 3 took people by surprise when it launched earlier this year, but we’ve…

Surface Pro 3 Ad Popular

Cheesy Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Ad Is A Surprise Hit

Cheese sells, these days, it seems. A tacky little Surface Pro 3 ad has become the best such effort from Microsoft, gathering more than 6…

Huawei Logo White

Huawei: Nobody Is Making Any Money With Windows Phone

Well, here we are with some smack talk for the Windows Phone platform. Been a while, actually. This time Huawei is taking a dig at…

Microsoft Campus

Microsoft Surpasses Exxon Mobil In Market Value

And in doing so, has become the second most valuable company on the planet. Bragging rights, but it does show that the Redmond based technology…


22 New Windows Phone Devices Launched This Year

Remember the names! Alcatel, BLU, Kazam, New Generation Mobile and ZTE are but a few of the companies that launched new Windows Phone devices this…


Hotel Provides Surface Pro Tablets To Guests In Every Room

The revolution is slowly but surely coming. The age of Windows powered tablet is finally upon us with the Surface line leading the charge, and…


Windows Phone Poised To Overtake iOS In Belgium Soon

Recent numbers from ABI Research have confirmed that despite growing sales, Windows Phone still has around 3 percent of the global market share around the…


Microsoft Sees Record Sales Of Windows Phone Devices This Holiday Season

There are many that are aware of the benefits of having at least three leading mobile platforms, and we now have some good news for…


Microsoft: Windows Store Is Already More Successful Than iOS Store

The Windows Store may be off to a slow start but business sure has picked up there in the past month or so. The average…


Windows 8 App Developer Says He Earns $30,000 A Month

Success may have many fathers, but as far the fledgling Windows Store is concerned, it also has a sweet taste. Microsoft’s app repository is a bold new…


Microsoft Still Quiet On Windows 8 Sales


Acer: Windows 8 Slowly Becoming A Hit

Well, one thing is for sure. Microsoft’s newest operating system has a taste for theatrics. Controversies and critiques later, companies are now warming up to…


Windows Phone Market Share In Poland Is An Impressive 16 Percent

Guess what the smartphone users in Poland have taken a fancy to. If your answer is Windows Phone, then give yourself a gentle pat on…


Microsoft Excited By Surface Pro Sales, Introduces A Preorder Plan

Oh well, not many would have thought that the 128GB version of the Surface Pro would be such a sought after device. I say “such…


People Need Time To Discover Windows 8, Says Vizio Executive

I really like it when several people state the same thing over and over again. At least, as a writer, I do. Several company executives…