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Market Share Of Windows Tablets Climbs To 15.7% In Japan

There is a term called Big in Japan. One of the most technology...

Surface Mini Could Launch This Year As A Note Taking Device

Talk about the elusive Surface Mini has gone down a few notches these...

Hardware Makers In Japan, Korea Show Heightened Interest In Windows

Windows 8.1 is going places. Well, Microsoft’s modern operating platform has had a...

Microsoft Discontinues The Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapter

It is the season of retirements. And discontinuations, too, apparently. Redmond had promised...

Surface Mini Could Be Unveiled At BUILD, New Report

Those of you visiting (or watching) Microsoft’s BUILD 2014 event are in for...

New Ad Shows How Microsoft Convinced A Girl To Choose Surface Over iPad

If you are in the market for a new tablet, and for some...

Get A Free Touch Cover With All Surface Purchases On Microsoft Store

Until Saturday, that is. The Surface Touch Cover is an essential accessory for...

Microsoft Is Still Shipping Surface Pro 2 Tablets With Slower Processor

Hardware is tough, tough business, and Microsoft is finding this fact out with...

Week In Review (Mar 17 – Mar 21)

Inches. A vital unit of length. Also used in the verb form as...

Video Shows Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 Tablet Running Unreal Engine

There are some that believe that there we are living in the golden...
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