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Windows 8 and Multi-Core Support

These days just about every computer on the market features at least two cores, even many Atom netbooks and even some tablets. The great thing about…


Microsoft show more Windows 8 Task Manager changes for Server Administrators

Microsoft have continued to share a little more about their improvements to Windows 7 in the form of Windows 8. This time, they are focusing on…


Microsoft describe the changes made to the task manager in Windows 8.

In a new post on their Windows 8 Dev Blog, Microsoft have gone into detail about some of the changes that they are making to…


Updated Windows 8 Task manager Screenshots

Windows 8 Task Manager – Manage Processes Windows 8 Task Manager – Dashboard


New Task Manager for Windows 8

Well after 100 years, the Windows Task Manager may be getting a refresh… The new Task Manager is a combination of Microsoft’s Task Manager interface and…