HP Just Can’t Make Up Its Mind On The Elite x3 Price

Not in the UK, at least. The HP Elite x3 is pretty much the only real Windows 10 Mobile flagship handset on the market, but…


Alcatel Flagship Windows 10 Phone Finally Comes To The UK

Took a while coming, but Alcatel has finally managed to launch its delayed Windows 10 Mobile powered flagship for buyers in the UK, the preorders…

Microsoft Band UK Launch

Microsoft Band On Sale In The UK, Can Be Yours For £169

Or £169.99, if you like to keep tabs on your pennies. Microsoft announced a few weeks back that its Band wearable would be made available…

Microsoft Campus Strategy

Microsoft Finally Adopts The Open Document Format

Remember all that hoopla between Microsoft and the UK government on adopting the ODF standard for documents last year? Well, it seems like we finally…

Microsoft Band UK

Microsoft Band Now Available In The UK, At Online Retailers

Took a while coming, but Microsoft Band is now going places. Places, as in retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Target, as well as across…

Nokia Lumia 930 Discount UK

Have £299 To Spare? You Can Get A Lumia 930 With Free Fitbit Flex

Finally, some Lumia 930 news. Microsoft’s strategy of delaying the launch of new Windows Phone flagships handsets until later this year when Windows 10 for…

Linx 7 Windows Tablet

Linx 7 Windows 8.1 Tablet Launches In The UK For £80

Technology enthusiasts in the UK don’t have it easy with pricing of their items, thanks to taxes and currency conversion rates. The Linx 7 Windows…

Windows XP Support Extension

Organizations Need Even More Extended Windows XP Support

Microsoft pulled the plug on one of its most popular operating system, effectively ending Windows XP support earlier this year. April 8, to be exact. Needless…

Cortana UK Evening Reminder

Cortana UK Starts Showing Evening Reminders

Windows Phone fans in the United Kingdom now have access to another new feature, as Cortana UK has been updated to show evening reminders, just…


Surface Pro 3 Featured On The Cover Of PC Pro Magazine

The November 2014 issue of the UK based PC Pro magazine is a pleasing sight. It features Microsoft’s latest hardware creation, the Surface Pro 3,…


First Windows Phone With “Windows” Branding Spotted

The reports of Microsoft officially dropping the Windows Phone and Nokia branding on mobile devices is not all that old, but the first Windows phone…


Migrating From Windows XP Is Hard, John Lewis Explains

Most things are going to be hard when 26,000 computers are concerned, but as John Lewis found out, migrating from Windows XP is not the…


Cortana UK Voice Said To Be Robotic, Lacking Emotion

Cortana, the digital voice assistant that comes with Windows Phone 8.1 is now available in a few more countries, including China and the United Kingdom….


Microsoft Questions UK Government’s Decision In Favor Of ODF

It is not very often Microsoft releases statements on related news happenings, but this is clearly a strong hit for the company. The UK government’s…


Microsoft Loses Out As UK Government Adopts ODF Standard

Redmond has secured some solid wins on the Office front these past couple of years, and it almost seems that all news regarding this side…


Cortana To Launch In The UK Via Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview

UK users that want access to Cortana already have a bit of a wait in store for them, as Microsoft recently quashed rumors that the…

Week In Review

Week In Review (Jun 16 – Jun 20)

The big story of the week was supposed to be the Surface Pro 3 launch, and rightly so, it was. Prior to all the hustle…


Microsoft Phone Scams On The Rise In The United Kingdom

Scammers, like spammers, are everywhere. In every nook and corner of the globe, in fact. But they have become a real problem in the United…


Windows Phone Aiming For Enterprise Supremacy By 2015

The business sector is one area where Windows Phone has loads of potential, but the paradigm shift with Windows Phone 8 meant Microsoft lost track…


Microsoft To Launch New Internet Security Program For Children

The Redmond based technology titan has announced a new Internet safety program aimed to help parents in the United Kingdom protect their children when browsing…