First Android One Handsets Launching In October For $100

Good news for Microsoft? Well, more competition never hurt anybody. Majorly, at least. At the Google I/O conference last month, the company announced its new…


WPC 2014 Kicks Off, Microsoft Talks The Future Of Windows

Microsoft kicked off the 2014 edition of the Worldwide Partner Conference a little while back, and COO Kevin Turner talked about the future path for…


Acer C720 Chromebook Launched With Intel Core i3 Processor

Microsoft have made some notable progress this year with Windows 8.1 hardware, and several new models are now available for purchase at different price points. Chromebooks,…


Nokia By Microsoft Actually Has Quite A Ring To It

In case you are yet to notice, Microsoft is in the process of charting its new mobile strategy after completing the acquisition of Nokia’s devices…


Google’s Material Design Language Is Strangely Similar To Metro

Metro, Modern, Material, what’s in a name, eh? Google is currently holding its I/O developer event, and one of the first things showcased in the…


You Can Now Play Gargantia: Sky Courier For Internet Explorer

Those of you with interest in Japanese anime television series may be familiar with Gargantia. And now Microsoft has launched Gargantia: Sky Courier for Internet…


Android Smartphones Are Being Delivered With Spyware Built In

There is a reason why Android has not yet been able to gain corporate acceptance with BYOD and such. And that is security. The platform…


HP Says Goodbye To Windows, Starts Development Of A Linux Based OS

Backstab? It was coming all along! As far as PC hardware, HP has been at the very top of the mountain for decades now. In…


Internet Explorer 12 To Come With A Fresh New Interface

Considering just how closely Internet Explorer is tied to the Windows operating system, it comes as no surprise that Microsoft very rarely revamps the user…


Internet Explorer To Get Features Like Web Audio, Media Capture, HTTP/2 Soon

Microsoft have, in recent times, become much more open when it comes to sharing development details. That is, when they are ready to share them,…


Microsoft, It Appears, Is Really Interested In Acquiring Twitch

Strategic purchases. These are quickly becoming the norm in the technology industry these days, with several such buyouts completed in the past few years. And now…


Refreshed IE11 To Be Included In Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8 Update

Redmond has done a splendid job modernizing its web browser on all platforms. No longer is Internet Explorer stuck in the early 2000s, and the…


Windows Phone 8.1 and Wordflow character recognition is CRAZY good!

Windows Phone 8.1 and Wordflow character recognition is CRAZY good! The demo showed Joe spazzing all over his phone keyboard like a madman and the phone…


BUILD 2014 – Microsoft half heartedly push Windows Phone 8.1 for business

Microsoft also are showing the new version of Windows Phone and stressing Business features. They are showing signed certificates for secure emails. In addition, the ability…


Microsoft demos Cortana

The first session at BUILD 2014 is a demo showing Cortana – the Microsoft personal assistant and Siri competitor. It’s a really good demo because it…


The Verge is live blogging BUILD 2014

Tom Warren at the Verge is live blogging from BUILD 2014. You can check that out here…. http://live.theverge.com/microsoft-build-2014-live-blog/


Watch BUILD 2014 Live on Channel 9

Watch the events from BUILD 2014 on Channel 9’s website. The URL is right here. http://channel9.msdn.com/?wt.mc_id=build_hp


Researchers Break Into Firefox, Internet Explorer At Pwn2Own

Internet Explorer, along with Firefox and Safari become one of the handful of applications that were hacked on the first day of the 2014 edition…


Microsoft Fixes 18 Internet Explorer Issues, Including Critical Zero-Day Flaw

The Internet Explorer team at Redmond has had a busy few weeks. The company has just released its Patch Tuesday updates for March 2014, and…


Microsoft Teases DirectX 12, Might Launch Alongside Windows 9

If you are a PC gamer gobsmacked by the apparent lack of innovation on the DirectX front, then you have some good news flying your…