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Teens Vie For The Microsoft Office World Championship

Small monetary gains, but, boy, the prestige! Teens are currently competing for the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship taking place in Anaheim, California. Around 400,000 contestants…


Lenovo To Continue Selling Small Windows Tablets In The US

For a moment there it seemed that Microsoft was about to lose a major partner in the United States, as rumors were flying hard and…


Lenovo Says American Users Not Interested In Small Windows Tablets

One of Microsoft’s leading hardware partners, Lenovo, has announced that it will be ending sales of its small tablet lineup in the United States, the…


Windows Phone Slightly Increases Its Market Share In The US

Although the Windows Phone platform is on the rise in Europe and some other select markets, things have been a bit stale in its home…


Microsoft Celebrates The Opening Of Its 36th Retail Store

Redmond has officially reached another important milestone for its retail outlets. The company has officially opened is 36th retail store in Dadeland Mall in Miami. The…


Huawei Windows Phone 8 Smartphone, W1, To Be Sold In The US

Microsoft announced nearly a year back (in June 2012, as a matter of fact) that the Chinese telecommunication giant Huawei would be one of its…


First Microsoft Store In Michigan To Open With Live Kelly Clarkson Concert

Since becoming a devices and services company, Redmond has aggressive outlined its retail strategy, and one thing that the company is heavily focusing on is…


Microsoft Planning To Open Florida Store Right Next Door To Apple

Boy, this sure does give new meaning to the phrase, neighbors from hell. It is no surprise that Microsoft is overly keen to ramp up…


Windows Phone Finally Gathers Some Momentum In The US

If there is one thing Microsoft’s mobile platform is not doing, it’s dominating markets around the world. Windows Phone currently finds itself the underdog in…


Over 540,000 Students And Teachers Use Windows 8 In The US, Says Microsoft


Microsoft Granted Surface Design Patent

Microsoft has big plans for its Surface lineup of devices. And in a bid to make sure that no other company copies its Surface design…


Windows Phone Is Now The Third Largest Mobile Platform In The US

File this under statistics that are plain obvious. For what seemed like ages, Microsoft mobile operating systems (Windows Mobile and Windows Phone) had to contend…


Samsung Cancels Plans to Launch its Ativ Windows RT tablets in the U.S.

Samsung has canceled plans to launch its line of Ativ Windows RT tablets in the U.S….


US Department of Defense signs big contract with Microsoft – adopts Windows 8

Chalk this up to a big win for Microsoft. The United States Department of Defense has just awarded the software company with a three year $617…


Microsoft Forced To Hire Foreign Workers In The United States

The company is planning to hire a larger percentage of foreign workers as it says it cannot find qualified Americans to fill in open positions. The…


The first Windows 8 commercial has aired

The first Windows 8 TV commercial has aired. It’s a pretty interesting spot that uses a cool countdown feature that stops (of course) at 8. The tagline…


Will the Windows 8 Consumer Preview also have a US launch?

As most of you know, the Windows 8 Beta/Windows 8 Consumer Preview is scheduled for a global release sometime toward the end of this month. There…