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Has Samsung Ripped Off Windows 8 Metro Interface For Its New Android UI?

Samsung has outlined grand plans to take over the tablet world, and the...

Aero Glass Is Now Compatible With Windows 8.1, Brings Back The Aero UI

Like what you see on Windows 8.1, but want to make the new...

Getting Used To Windows 8 Only Takes 10 Minutes, Says Expert

Windows 8 is often described as a confusing operating system, particularly for new...

Microsoft Admits That Windows 8 Learning Curve Needs Addressing

Simple and humble operating systems that they were, Windows 98, XP and friends...

Screenshots Reveal IE11 Improvements Aimed At Developers

Unlike competitors like Firefox and Chrome that get version number upgrades pretty much...

Apple Said To Be Going For A Flat Look For iOS 7, Similar To Windows Phone

Now this is something that may very well unsettle a lot of iOS...

Analyst: Microsoft’s Windows 8 Strategy Was A Disaster

Redmond yesterday announced its earnings for the first quarter of the year in...

WinMetro Included In New Version Of Windows 8 Transformation Pack

While some users are running away from the Metro UI of Windows 8,...
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Windows 8 May Inspire The Upcoming Xbox Console

Windows 8 is more than just an operating system. The changes Microsoft has...
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How Would You Like The Glassy Aero Look Back In Windows 8 Desktop?

The Aero interface that came with Windows Vista and Windows 7 was a...
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