At some point you just shake your head – iObit releases yet another Start Menu replacement tool

*Sigh* At some point, you just shake your head. I’ve never seen so many utilities created to help “fix” an Operating System. OK, here we go again.


Boot directly to the Windows 8 desktop – Skip Metro Suite

You know, I predicted this would happen. Back in May, I said the following: It is clear to me that forcing users who just aren’t ready…


Review – Uniblue Powersuite 2013

So I got a tip from my man Allister from Uniblue that they had released their new suite of utilities – Uniblue Powersuite 2013. Since I’ve…


We knew this day would come – a tool to disable the Metro UI in Windows 8

We all knew this day would come and here we see the beginning of the rebellion. I’m surprised it came this early but it did. A new…


New Windows 8 Simulator tool gives you an opportunity to virtually try Windows 8

So you may not want to download the Windows 8 Developer Preview and take the time and trouble to see how that works on a…


Check out the Windows 8 User Experience Pack 3.0

Check out the Windows 8 User Experience pack 3.0 It’s a cool way to get the Windows 8 experience on your Windows Vista or Windows 7…


Get a Windows 8 Preview with Omnimo UI

Now this is cool. Some cool Windows 8 preview utilities… “Omnimo 4.1” is a Windows Phone 7 inspired multifunctional interactive desktop information center This suite will turn your…


Use the Windows 8 betta fish as a startup image

Windows 8 build 7989 comes with a new “Betta Fish” boot screen. If you are using Windows 7, you can enjoy a similar boot screen…


Windows 8 date and time display for Windows 7

This is pretty cool. A Windows 8 date and time logon display for Windows 7. This was created by AskVG’s DA group member “dejco” to provide the Windows…


Windows 8 tile-based Start screen (for Windows 7)

You’ve seen the tile based interface for Windows 8. Windows 8 includes a tile-based Start screen (just like in Windows Phone 7), which replaces the Windows…