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Over 1 Million Windows Phone Users Have Download VLC

VLC for Windows Phone was made available only a few months back, but the app has charted quite some success since launch. More than 1…

VLC for Windows Phone Dark Theme

VLC For Windows Phone Gets Dark Theme, Improved 720p Support

A new version of VLC for Windows Phone is up for grabs today, and even though it still is in beta development stage, it has…

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VLC For Windows Phone Finally Available For Download

A surprise for this bright new year? We’ll take it. VLC for Windows Phone has finally landed on the platform, and can now be download…

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VLC For Windows Phone Closed Beta Launches Today

VideoLAN is hard at work on VLC for Windows Phone, and though the anticipated multimedia application has seen its share of delays, we are close…

VLC for Windows Phone

VLC For Windows Phone Almost Ready, Assures Developer

VideoLAN just released a much needed new version of VLC for Windows 8.1 on the Windows Store, but VLC for Windows Phone is still eagerly…

VLC for Windows 8.1

VLC For Windows 8.1 Updated, Gets New User Interface

Despite its less than perfect launch, the VLC port for Microsoft’s modern platform is a certified hit. A new VLC for Windows 8.1 has just…


VLC For Windows Phone Release Date Pushed Back

How about something surprising and totally unexpected to start the week? We all know that VideoLAN are always right on the money and all their…


Check Out This VLC For Windows Phone 8.1 Screenshots Gallery

The Windows Phone Store is set to host a high profile app soon, in the form of VLC for Windows Phone 8.1, and although we…


Developer Shares New VLC For Windows 8.1 Details

One of the more popular apps on the Windows Store, VLC for Windows 8.1 still has a lot of distance to travel, as the application…


Improved Version Of VLC For Windows 8.1 In Development

VLC ports for modern versions of Windows have almost dropped out of the radar these past few months, and this means two things. Either user…


VLC Mobile Remote Launches On The Windows Phone Store

The technology world’s equivalent of the old question, what came first, the egg or the chicken finally has an answer. VideoLAN have released VLC Mobile…


New Design And More Features Coming To VLC Player For Windows 8.1

VideoLAN started a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2012 in order to raise the necessary funds to port the VLC Player to Windows 8. This…


First VLC Player For Windows Phone 8 Screenshot Floats Up

Fans of the modern environment of Microsoft’s modern platform breathed a collective sigh of relief when VLC for Windows 8 landed on the Windows Store….


VLC For Windows 8 Drew Inspiration From Microsoft Zune

VideoLAN president and lead developer Jean-Baptiste Kempf is on a bit of a press tour of his own, what with their flagship application now finally…


VLC For Windows 8 Launches To User Disappointment, Low Ratings

One of the more anticipated Windows 8 application launched yesterday to less than stellar reviews. If anything, several users that installed the beta version of…


Microsoft Did Not Really Help All That Much, Says VLC Lead Developer

The Modern UI port of VLC media player for Windows 8 arrived on the Windows Store late yesterday, after a lengthy, lengthy development period of…


VLC For Windows 8 Hits The Windows Store In Public Beta Form

Long roads, long, lingering roads! One of the most popular free media players is now in Metro form, as VLC for Windows 8 has just…


VideoLAN Hints At Porting VLC Player To Windows Phone 8.1

What, has Monday come and gone already? There were voices that the VLC Player for Windows 8.1 might be here with us at the start…


VLC For Windows 8.1 Should Be With Us This Monday, Hopefully

This time it appears that the launch is finally happening. The modern version of the popular VLC Media Player has been a long time coming,…


Metro VLC Player Passes Certification, Launches Soon

The moment you have all been waiting for (not really) seems to be finally here. VLC for Windows 8.1 is now primed for launch very…