Windows 7 Archive


You Can Get A Used Windows 7 License For As Little As $20

This much is a given that a substantial amount of users that are...

Sales Of Secondhand Windows 7 Licenses Absolutely Skyrocket

I’ve heard of Secondhand Lions, but secondhand operating systems licenses work too. Particularly...

Mac Pro 2013 Boot Camp Drops Support For Windows 7

Apple is known to do some strange stuff, and here is another one....

Windows 7 Sees Record Sales As Windows XP Users Upgrade

The high-profile retirement of Windows XP is just 20 or so days away,...

Microsoft Releases New Windows XP Retirement Infographic

The final push, the most final of pushes. Redmond is currently busy convincing...

Internet Explorer 11 With Enterprise Mode For Windows 7 Rumored To Launch Soon

Windows 7 might have gone on the backburner for Microsoft just a fleeting...

Microsoft Believes Moving Windows XP Users To Windows 7 Is A Mistake

What, tired by all the Windows XP hoopla already? The operating system that...

Windows 7 Still Has More Than Half Of The Market, As Windows 8.1 Continues Growth

Ah, the obligatory operating system market share figures at the start of a...

Free Version Of Windows 8.1 Is Said To Be Aimed At Windows 7 Users

Well, well. Interest in Windows 8.1 with Bing, a new trim of the...

HP Clarifies That It Is Not Dropping Windows 8 Sales In Favor Of Windows 7

The juiciest gossip of this past week was when it emerged that HP...
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