Windows 8


Windows 8 Loses Nearly Half The User Base In 12 Months

Amid all the Windows 10 hype and the Windows 7 market share news, it’s worth keeping an eye on how Windows 8 is doing. More…

Windows Flag

Microsoft Unleashing 34 Windows Updates Today

And interestingly, these are not part of Patch Tuesday, or Update Tuesday, or what have you. More so, these Windows updates are flagged as optional…

Windows 7 Upgrade Plans

Windows 7 Market Share Sure Has Skyrocketed

Microsoft may be trying level best to move users to its modern operating platform, but despite these efforts, Windows 7 market share has increased by…

Windows Store Milestone 190k

More Than 190,000 Metro Apps Now Available

A new record! A big milestone within reach! Great news all around! The number of Metro apps continues to grow at a brisk pace, and…

Windows 8 Windows Vista

More People Now Using Windows Vista Than Windows 8

And this is a good sign, believe it or not. Channeling a little Robert Ripley here! There is no shortage of people calling Windows 8…

Windows 8.1 Windows XP

Windows 8.1 Set To Overtake Windows XP In Usage

Windows XP is losing users at a rapid pace, while Windows 8.1 seems to be gaining them at almost the same exhilarating speed. The OS…

Windows 8 What Wrong

Microsoft Explains What Went Wrong With Windows 8

Joe Belfiore of Microsoft is a candidly frank individual, and he recently talked about Windows 8 and how it was not quite the operating system…

Week In Review

Week In Review (Oct 27 – Oct 31)

If the past couple of weeks were all about Windows 10, this one slowed things down on that front. Instead, Microsoft unleashed their first wearable…

Dell Windows 7 Promotions

Dell And HP Still Pushing Windows 7 Hardware

OEMs. Enough said. It’s been two years to the day since Windows 8 made its debut, but companies like Dell and HP are still keen…

Windows 8 Two Years Anniversary

Windows 8 Turns Two

Microsoft’s most enigmatic operating system is now two years old. Windows 8 was unveiled on October 26, 2012, and went on sale the very next…

Yahoo Mail App Removed

Yahoo Mail App Removed From The Windows Store

One of the first big applications to launch on Windows 8, the Yahoo Mail app is no longer available for download from the Windows Store….

Windows 8 Live Tiles Lawsuit

Microsoft Wins The Windows 8 Live Tiles Lawsuit

Remember the Windows 8 Live Tiles lawsuit? Sure you don’t. This fluffy little piece of litigation has been an ongoing process ever since the debut…

EviGroup SmartPad 2

EviGroup SmartPad 2, A Tablet Without A Preinstalled OS

Surprises are very much a given in the tablet sphere these days. Take the EviGroup SmartPad 2 tablet for example. It comes in two models,…


Even Sony Is Now Copying Microsoft’s Modern UI

Either Microsoft is doing something right, or other companies are doing it wrong. Probably a bit of both. Sony is the newest technology titan that…


Windows Vista Still Has More Users Than Windows 8.1

Now admittedly, this is Windows 8.1 we are talking about, not Windows 8 proper, but the newest statistics show that Windows Visa still has more…


Windows 8 User Base Finally Eclipses Windows XP

It took a little longer than expected, but Microsoft’s modern platform, Windows 8, finally has more users than an ancient fan favorite. The recently retired…


Windows 9 Free For Windows 8 Users? Could Be

Several sources have weighed in on how Microsoft will release their next operating system. Making Windows 9 free for Windows 8 users is a notion…


China Also Developing A Homegrown Smartphone OS

The Chinese odyssey coming to an end? For Microsoft and Google both? The country is ready to develop its own homegrown smartphone OS in order…


HP Still Pushing Windows 7 PCs Hard In Brand New Sale

It’s a company eat company world out there. Despite the emphasis on Windows 8 by Microsoft, HP is still directing its consumers towards Windows 7…


China Asks Microsoft Not To Obstruct Antitrust Probe

Not that Redmond plans to, or anything. But hey, a warning is a warning. The Chinese government has finally provided some official details about the…