There are tons of new features in Windows Server 8.

So many that PCMag created a long list of some of the best features and it still didn’t include all of them.

Windows Server 8 is one of the biggest changes to the entire Windows Server operating system since NT 4.0 got upgraded to Windows Server 2000.

The changes didn’t change the user interface as much as they changed all the under the hood stuff. The only actual user interface changes were to Active Directory and Server Manager.

Windows Server 8 is still in the pre-beta developer code stage, yet by the time it’s in the final release stage, it might just be one of Microsoft’s best server operating systems.

Windows Server 8 will probably released next year. Though unlike the other releases of Windows Server, Server 8 doesn’t have a year in its name, so we can’t be sure. But since Windows 8 Client is slated to be released next year, it would make sense that Server 8 would be too.

Windows Server 8 is supposed to have great cloud integration, virtualization, security, and greater support for the increasingly mobile workforce.

Microsoft developers are so concerned about showing how great Server 8 is with becoming more “in-tune” with the modern world of business computing that they are labeling Server 8 as “the best cloud-optimized OS.”

PCMag writer Samara Lynn talked about some of the challenges that will arise when developing Server 8:

Whether or not Windows Server 8 gets the thumbs up depends on it addressing two major needs. The first involves revamping the OS to meet the demands for cloud computing, virtualization and the continued “consumerization of IT”.

The second is to make certain that sweeping changes won’t cause longtime Windows server admins to need to re-learn administrative tasks or have to make changes to infrastructure to roll out Windows Server 8.”

I definitely agree. Windows Server 8 will need to be completely optimized for the cloud to meet the demands of today’s workforce, but I don’t think Microsoft will have a problem incorporating cloud computing into Windows Server 8 at all.

Here is Part of PCMag’s list of the most impressive features in Windows Server 8:

New Deployment Options: 

Windows Server 8 can be deployed in three different ways. Full Graphical User Interface (GUI),  Full Server, and Server Core. The full GUI mode is useful for when you have to run applications that require a full GUI. Full server is basically just like the full GUI except it doesn’t include Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer.

Server Core basically a completely stripped down, bare bones, installation. The new feature that comes with Server Core in Server 8 allow you to switch back and forth between the GUI and Server Core without having to reinstall anything. This is great when you really need to run one of those GUI-only apps.

Microsoft is a strong supporter of using Server Core over the GUI for performing most of your tasks on Server 8.

A Redesigned Server Manager:

Server manager’s new user interface looks like the Metro user interface from Windows 8 Client and Windows Phone 7. A newly redesigned dashboard allows administrators to perform multi-machine management.

Server Manager is on both PowerShell and Windows Manager Interface. So what can be done in one interface can be done in the other.

If you want to read the entire list, you can click on the source link below.


What do you think of the new Windows Server 8?

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