100 GUI elements for windows 8 – Theme elements

The design team behind the shock family (iconshock, webdesignshock and themeshock) have created a complete set of GUI elements inspired by the new windows 8 interface, called Metro.

It was made purely in Photoshop using vector shapes, so it will be easily adaptable to your design changes.

It contains more than 100 GUI elements for windows 8 (PSD)

This great set is included in a single but perfectly organized PSD file, with separated layers for each screen, each element has been carefully designed, checking off every single detail.

Some of the included elements are:

  • Windows Developer Preview
  • Windows Update Login screen
  • Boof Manager screen
  • Blue screen (of the death)
  • Windows Store elements
  • Windows Repair tool
  • Lock screen
  • Keyboard (2 options)
  • Alarm buttons
  • Win8 Sidebar
  • Task Bars
  • icons, buttons, badges, fonts, etc

Here are a bunch of samples from the graphics pack.

You can click on each graphic to see it full sized.

You can download the set for free here