For the uninitiated, Unity is a game engine that has powered some of the most popular titles out there like Temple Run and Bad Piggies. Microsoft officially announced a partnership with Unity Technologies back in June, and now has an important milestone to announce.

The company has just confirmed that more than 1,000 apps are now available on the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store that are created by Unity developers. And better yet, these numbers are expected to increase in the coming months.

In the words of David Helgason, the CEO of Unity Technologies:

“This milestone is a powerful reminder of the incredible flexibility of the Unity technology and developer community. The Windows Store apps add-on for Unity was just released in July and there are already over 1000 games powered by Unity available on Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store!

That’s a mind-blowing achievement realized in less than four months.”

Obviously, the defining factor here is that developers are also porting their Unity games and apps that they had crated for other platforms to Windows 8.1.

And Microsoft is playing a key role in all this — the software titan has put up several technical guides in order to provide assistance on the process of porting Unity powered software to its modern platforms.

In fact, Microsoft and Unity will be hosting events to meet with developers and discuss how they can port their apps. London will be the location of the next such conference on November 29, while San Francisco will host another event on December 13.

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