Sounds like resistance! It looks like not every IT professional is ready to make the move to Windows 10, with enterprise users citing concerns over migration security.

In a new study, that is.

A recent survey from WinMagic paints a different picture regarding adoption of the new OS in the business domain. It revealed that 23% of organizations were not yet ready to upgrade their computers to the latest version of Windows.

To make things even more interesting, a surprising 30% of IT professionals did not even know when support for the older versions of Windows would come to an end.

Oh, the horror!

As a reminder, Windows 7 is set to reach end of support in January 2020, after which no other security patches would be shipped. Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 will remain the only two supported versions of the operating system.

Getting back to the statistics, no less than 29% out of the 150 respondents said that they were concerned about the migration process.

And in 68% of the cases, the main concern was a potential security breach.

Furthermore, 25% cited application management and software and hardware compatibility, while 18% feared the disruption or loss of productivity. Around 33% of the respondents were not even sure whether they had the tools for a secure migration to Windows 10.

Moral of the story, then?

There is a lot going on when it comes to enterprise migration of Windows 10, even as the OS has an approximately 37% slice of the pie on the desktop.

Apparently, Windows 7, with its 40% share would be a tough one to bring down.

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