Say what you may, Microsoft has had it tough when it comes to hardware launches. More specifically, its Surface Pro line of tablet has had to contend with supply issues ever since it launched earlier this year.

And something similar seems to be on the cards for the Surface Pro 2.

October 22 is the big day when Microsoft plans to officially start shipping the second generation Surface tablets to customers across the length and breadth of the United States. But now it appears that those of you that wanted to get in on some high capacity action will have to wait a fair while.

The two top-of-the range models — 256GB and 512GB — of the Surface Pro are now expected to start shipping on December 15.

According to a notification posted on Microsoft’s official website, both these variants are currently going through some supply issues, and both models will now ship in the very middle of December.

However, the 64GB and 128GB versions of the Surface Pro are fine — they will be shipped on October 22, as originally planned. Power users will want nothing less than the 256GB or 512GB variants, but regular users will be fine with 128GB capacity.

Surface 2 is on the most exotic Windows 8.1 tablets on the market right now, and the refreshed slates now come with hardware upgrades including faster processors, much improved battery life and up to 8GB of memory for maximum performance on the go.

At the same time, other hardware makers like Dell, Toshiba, HP and Lenovo are also ready to unleash their Windows 8.1 Pro devices, including a few Surface Pro 2 rivals.

Here is hoping these delays do not affect the overall Surface Pro 2 sales too much.

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  1. is this saying that the 256gb and 512gb have sold out and won’t be out again until mid december or that they aren’t shipping (for those who have already preordered) next Tuesday?

    • This article perpetuates the same misinformation as dozens of other blogs that simply copy the misinformation on other sites (CNET) and repackage without checking facts. Those who pre-ordered the 256GB/512GB Surface Pro 2 and received ship dates of “before Oct 21” or “before Oct 29” will receive their devices on the promised date. Those pre-ordering today (actually after Oct 14) will get a ship date of “before Dec 15” since the first production orders are sold out.

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