They say that it only takes 21 days to form a new habit. I’m going to give Surface Pro 30, and we’ll see if I’m convinced at the end that a Surface Pro tablet can pull double-duty, and replace both a traditional Windows PC and a tablet at the same time.

One of Microsoft’s primary goals for Windows 8 was to bridge the gap between the traditional desktop OS, and the emerging class of tablets that seem to be revolutionizing what it means for a device to be a “personal computer”.

In the past I have done 30 Days series switching from Microsoft Office to Google Docs, iPhone to Windows Phone, Facebook to Google+, and Windows with Ubuntu Linux. I even spent 30 days giving up my Windows laptop and just using an iPad as a PC replacement.

A lot has changed since my iPad-as-PC experiment. One of the biggest changes is that Microsoft launched Windows 8–an operating system designed with a touch-based user interface, and developed the Surface Pro–a complete Intel Core i5 PC in a lightweight, portable tablet.

Windows 8 is a game changer because it changes the debate from PC vs tablet, and allows you to have both at one time. I will spend the next 30 days trading in both my MacBook Air and my iPad, and using just a Surface Pro to learn whether it can live up to the hype.

Come back and follow along as I spend 30 Days with Surface Pro.


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