Which browser is best in Windows 8 on a Surface Pro? Day 15 of the 30 Days with Surface Pro series sets out to try and answer that question.

To be honest, there is no “right” answer to that question. Each of the browsers has pros and cons, and the decision about which is “best” is largely subjective, and a matter of personal opinion and preference. All of the browsers work fine for their intended purpose, and it really just comes down to which one you’re most comfortable using.

That said, there’s some weird stuff going on in how Windows 8 deals with browsers. First, there are essentially two entirely separate versions of Internet Explorer 10–one for the Windows 8 Modern / Metro interface, and one for desktop mode. They look and act differently, and the bookmarks, and open tabs in one are not synced or reflected in the other.

The other bizarre thing is that this behavior changes if you assign a browser other than Internet Explorer as the default browser in Windows 8. It’s a strange split personality for the browser, and something Microsoft will hopefully address soon–like with Windows 8.1 (a.k.a. Windows “Blue”).

For more, read Surface Pro, Day 15: Bizarre browser behavior.

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