For Day 17 of the 30 Days with Surface Pro series, I’m taking a closer look at how Windows 8 handles split screen. It turns out that it makes a difference whether you’re connected to a 23-inch monitor, or just trying to work on the Surface Pro tablet itself.

The 50/50 split I’m used to with Aero Snap is awesome on a 23-inch monitor, and even works pretty well on my 13-inch Dell XPS M1330 laptop. However, the Surface Pro display is small so the choice is between magnifying things so that barely anything fits in each window, or trying to work with text that’s virtually microscopic. It can be done, but it’s not nearly as functional as it is on a larger monitor.

When using the Surface Pro as a tablet, the 75/25 split that I complained about on Day 10 of this series suddenly starts to make sense. Of course, it doesn’t work best in all cases, and it would definitely be nice if Windows 8 had more split screen options so I can choose the division of display real estate that works best for the task at hand.

Check out Surface Pro, Day 17: Changing my mind about Windows 8 split screen for more about my experience, and the shift in my position since Day 10.

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