30 Days with Surface Pro: Day 19

OK. Let’s take the 30 Days with Surface Pro series show on the road. I’ve spent the first two-weeks (plus) using the Surface Pro as a “desktop PC”, but now it’s time to take the tablet out for a spin as an actual mobile device.

It’s thicker and heavier than most tablets, but the Surface Pro isn’t a pure tablet. It’s a complete Windows 8 PC packed into a tablet-shaped device. The iPad, Galaxy Tab, Xoom, Kindle Fire, and other tablets are all very nice devices, but if I want to be productive with them while I’m out and about I have to solve a number of issues. I have to figure out how to work with Word, Excel, and other Microsoft Office files from platforms where Microsoft Office is not available. I have to figure out how to sync up or connect to the data I’ve created or stored back on my desktop PC.

I’m not implying it can’t be done–in fact, I’ve been doing it just fine from all of those devices for years. But, the Surface Pro removes all of those concerns because rather than taking a mobile device out and trying to connect to and work with my desktop PC, I can literally take my “desktop PC” with me as my mobile device. I still have Microsoft Office, and all of my other Windows software. I still have all of my data.

For more about my experience leaving the office and using the Surface Pro as a tablet rather than a desktop PC, read Surface Pro, Day 19: Let’s take this show on the road.