The next step in the 30 Days with Surface Pro adventure is to get the Windows 8 Start screen configured the way I want it.

One of the hallmarks of a good user interface is the ability to customize it. Making the desktop aesthetically appealing, and placing the apps you use most where it makes sense to you help you to be more productive.

I’ve seen some Windows desktops so cluttered with icons that you can’t even see the wallpaper behind them. To me, that’s a dysfunctional disaster. Finding apps or shortcuts in a jumbled collection of random icons is a nightmare. But, that’s just me.

I like to have a nice, clean desktop that only has links to the software I use most. I also like for those icons to be grouped or arranged logically (to me) so I can quickly find what I need. Is that too much to ask?

Read Surface Pro, Day 8: Configuring the Start screen for more about how I customized the Windows 8 Start screen on the Surface Pro to meet my needs.

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