30 Days with Surface Pro

Can a Surface Pro be your only PC? More importantly, can a Surface Pro tablet replace your PC and your tablet–filling both roles in a single device?

That is Microsoft’s pitch, more or less, and the convergence of traditional PCs and mobile devices is an obvious driving force behind the Windows 8 operating system.

In the past I have done 30 Days series switching from Microsoft Office to Google Docs, iPhone to Windows Phone, Facebook to Google+, and Windows with Ubuntu Linux. I even spent 30 days giving up my Windows laptop and just using an iPad as a PC replacement.

That was a year and a half ago. A lot has changed. One of the biggest changes, though, is that Microsoft launched Windows 8–an operating system designed with a touch-based user interface, and developed the Surface Pro–a complete Intel Core i5 PC in a lightweight, portable tablet.

Windows 8 is a game changer because it changes the debate from PC vs tablet, and allows you to have both at one time. I will spend the next 30 days trading in both my MacBook Air and my iPad, and using just a Surface Pro to learn whether it can live up to the hype.

Come back and follow along as I spend 30 Days with Surface Pro.

  • DCJason

    Fantastic! I look forward to reading your report.

  • Sam

    I’m interested to see what you find. I purchased a Pro 128GB, used it for a week and returned it. First I liked it a lot, but I found in only those few days. It would freeze from time to time. Could not swipe the screen. The screen would dim and than brighten again, this would happen from time to time. The tablet runs very warm. The stiles on the side get’s in the way when holding the tablet and would drop off. I found trying to unpin or re-size a tile a little hard I had to keep swiping the corner to get it to work. My Nokia 822 works a lot easier. I hope Mircosoft works out these problems and any other ones that come up soon. I would like to get another one, but $1000 I don’t need these problems.

    • UnphaZeD

      I’ve had my 128 pro since they came out. I love it, it’s replaced my work laptop fully. I haven’t had the issues you’re talking about and I use it all the time. Only issue I’ve noticed is that it won’t bring up tge on acreen keyboard when I’d like, but i rarely need that. I normally always keep the keyboard on or flipped back. Sorry to hear you had so many problems.