4 Things That Make Windows 8.1 The Right Choice For Windows XP Users

4 Things That Make Windows 8.1 The Right Choice For Windows XP Users

According to Microsoft, that is. The software titan is now in the final stages of its big push to convince Windows XP users to upgrade to a newer version of the operating system, what with the end of support date fast approaching.

The company even rolled out a comparison chart recently to talk about this.

And now Peter K. Han, the vice president of United States OEM at Redmond has revealed four things that the company believes make Windows 8.1 the right choice for businesses that are still powered by the ancient Windows XP.

These are mobility, security, remote access and efficiency.

The senior executive goes over each factors in brief detail here, while admitting that Windows XP was a game changer back in the days when it came out. But a truly modern operating system it is not. Here is what he has to say about mobility, for instance:

“Just as at home on a tablet as a desktop, Windows 8.1 was designed to maximize the new mobile and touch-focused computing world. Providing employees with the ability to work wherever, whenever and however, which just isn’t possible with Windows XP.”

You can go over the other factors at the links above.

But the fact remains that users are now slowly starting to move away from the operating system. Windows XP, by last count, had its market share hovering around the 29 percent mark, and chances are it just might go down to around 20 percent by April 8, when Microsoft officially pulls the plug.

Not quite the 13 percent Redmond hoped to see, but still a noticeable dip.

  • http://a5-studios.blogspot.in Aaditya Menon

    Windows XP is now the worst . And yeah I hope MS provides WIn 8.1 with Bing for Windows XP without losing anything….

  • WillyThePooh

    Other blogs said win8.1 with Bing is free for win7 users. XP users can’t upgrade to win8.1 directly. Besides, most XP need hardware upgrade.