5 Steps On How To Speed Up My Windows Xp Pc Eye On Windows

5 Steps On How To Speed Up My Windows Xp Pc

Your computer performs at its optimum speed when it’s new but over time, as files get loaded and programs are installed, it gradually slows down. While this is usually a normal occurrence, it can affect the overall performance of the computer and make it less efficient. So for anyone who has ever asked, ‘What can I do to speed up my Windows XP PC?’, here are steps you can follow:

Clean up drives of unnecessary files.

Files and programs use up your computer’s resources. To speed up your Windows XP PC, delete unused and unnecessary documents, photos, folders and programs. If you haven’t used them for months and don’t foresee any use for them, they have no reason to be in your PC.

If there are large files such as photos and videos on your PC that you don’t want to get rid of, copy or move them onto a flash drive or CD and delete the original files to save RAM space.

Clean up start-up programs.

These programs are run each time you fire up your computer. If you want to speed up your Windows XP PC, begin by identifying these programs. Usually, all programs at startup are not found in the same folder, so you will have to find them in their current location in order to eliminate them. Look for programs at the Startup folder or Add/Remove folders. Some may even be part of Registry settings, Scheduled Tasks or logon scripts. It can take a little patience to complete but once you find them, you will be able to stop these programs from running at startup and get your Windows XP PC to speed up.

Remove viruses and spyware.

These are notorious for causing computer slowdown, so the earlier you get rid of them, the faster your Windows XP PC will run more efficiently. Perform regular purging with a reliable antivirus and anti-spyware, preferably once a week and make sure these applications are updated frequently. There are free applications for this purpose but try to invest in paid utilities for more comprehensive protection and tech support.

Lay low on the flash.

For users asking ‘How can I speed up my Windows XP PC?’, one of the simplest solutions usually involves the looks department. A nifty wallpaper or background may seem cool but it does use up resources. By turning off fancy graphics on your Windows XP PC, you will notice a considerable increase in its processing speed. By making sure your PC is adjusted for best performance, you may sacrifice the flash but it will more than make up for the improved efficiency of your computer.


Once you have deleted or moved files from your PC, you might want to consider defragmenting your drives. Windows has a built-in defragmenter that will re-arrange and re-partition your hard disk. Although it takes a while to complete, defragmentation helps organize the files in the hard drive into easy-to-find units, which helps make your computer run faster.

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