New Update For Windows Phone Developer Preview Now Available

Good old Joe Belfiore of Microsoft promised a new update for Windows Phone developer preview yesterday, saying that this new version would start rolling out sometimes this week.

It appears that time is today, and the update is now ready.

This new build has just started to roll out to devices, is available immediately, and you can now check it in the usual places. Version number of this new mobile OS gets bumped to 8.10.14176, up from build number 14157.

And it comes with the following new features:

  • Fix for error 80188308 that caused issues with storage space running out on the system partition during the update process
  • Support for HTC devices, including the 8S and 8X
  • A bunch of performance improvements
  • And a few general fixes

At the same time, Redmond has some good news for Lumia owners that make use of this preview program for Windows Phone — the availability for the Lumia Cyan firmware is being expanded, starting today. More Lumia devices will be added in the coming weeks.

You can find out the full details over here.

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  • Ray C

    Cool but hurry up and get me Cyan