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Microsoft Surface 7 days in

Microsoft Surface 7 days in

So I’m back from the BUILD conference and I had a chance to take the Surface for a little real world spin. As a result, I have a little more data to give you guys about the Surface when used in the real world.

First of all I am writing this article on the Surface keyboard and it’s not too bad at all.

One major caveat though.

I am on an Alaska Air flight and I decided to try and write a post during the trip back to Pasadena. As you can see from the pictures below, my palms don’t have enough room to be comfortable when typing.

Surface Lap flight tray

Surface Lap flight tray

Surface Lap flight tray 2

Surface Lap flight tray 2

The problem here is when the kickstand is activated, the depth of the Surface is as long as the airline tray and it’s hard to type comfortably.

As I said in previous post from BUILD, I have big hands. 🙂

Anyway, getting back to my experience with this device. I packed my MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, Canon camera, Portable Hard Drive, HP laptop and the Microsoft Surface on the trip with me. Unpacking and repacking my bags for the TSA was fun let me tell you.

My plan was to see what role the Microsoft Surface would play in helping me do real work throughout the day and relax in my spare time.

At work during BUILD 2012

In my 48 hours at BUILD, the Surface was almost an afterthought.

For work, long posts and articles, the MacBook Pro worked for me for a couple of reasons.

  • The 15 inch screen was just (obviously) bigger and I could do more work on there.
  • I couldn’t easily find a photo/image editor in Windows RT.
  • I only had IE as a browser choice.
  • I had no POP mail client available.

One of the biggest gripes for me was that as a blogger, I need to be able to manipulate photos and images and the device didn’t seem to come with a good graphics handler.

I had to ask a bunch of people for a recommendation for an app in the Windows Store that performed those functions. I finally found one but didn’t feel like paying $15 for a very basic function.

So, for work, I used my MacBook Pro. This was also true back in the hotel room, for all the same reasons.

Now it’s important to state here that the MacBook Pro just happened to be the laptop I have, it’s less about that particular device than it is about the difference in form and function between a laptop and this Surface hybrid.

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After work in my hotel

How about when I needed to kick back and relax? Well, for that, the iPad was faster and easier to use.

Part of that is because the iPad is personalized to me and I don’t have to “log in”. This is a pro and a con.

As I have said before, the security of having multiple Windows profiles is one of the reasons the Surface is attractive. It makes this a tablet that can be shared comfortably by multiple people ensuring each person has their own secure private space.

The downside of that equation is it (psychologically) feels like it takes longer to “log in” to a Microsoft device. Especially with a Microsoft account. It’s not supported by the facts because it’s quick to log in to the Surface, it’s more psychological.

At the airport

At an airport restaurant, the one place where the Surface shined was enabling me to use the video player to watch a couple of video files I had loaded on there via USB. That was definitely an advantage and the video was crisp and clear.

There were a couple of times when the media play seemed a little sluggish, especially when I would fast forward or rewind. This didn’t happen enough to be a major problem.

On the flight back I was also able to watch a couple of movie files that I had loaded and it worked great. Battery life was great and I never had that complaint.

What does this all mean?

So, even though I like the device, love the detachable hybrid nature of it and the construction, 7 days in with the Surface and I am still honestly trying to figure out what role it plays.

If you don’t have a laptop and need one, this can do a lot of the things you need with Microsoft Office and as long as your graphic needs are limited you should be fine.

The downside is that with the Type Cover, my device cost me $690 and that’s kinda serious money.

Enough to make you consider a new larger and light Windows 8 laptop.

If you don’t have a tablet and need one, this is more expensive than a 4th generation iPad ($599) if you add the Type Cover.

With the amount of apps in the Windows Store vs the Apple Store, it’s hard to see consumers making that long term choice.

If you don’t have a tablet OR a laptop, this might be a place to start.

It does come with Microsoft Office and the keyboard does kick ass.

The questions that now remain are:

  • Will the Windows Store fill up with valuable Windows RT apps fast enough?
  • Does this device make sense compared to a Microsoft Surface Pro with legacy desktop app support?
  • Is this priced properly? $499 seems very expensive for a base model.
  • Do consumers really understand the difference between RT and Windows 8 Pro?
  • What is Microsoft’s vision for this device? What are the use cases?

I’ll continue to test and play with it but I can tell you a lot of bloggers and technology pros are very skeptical about this device.

There seems to be a “wait for the Intel version” attitude setting in.

7 days in, that might not be a bad idea. 🙂

Do you plan to buy a Surface? Did you buy and receive a Microsoft Surface?

What do you think?

Use the comments below

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About the Author

Onuora Amobi is the Founder and VP of Digital Marketing at Learn About The Web Inc. Onuora has more than a decade of information security, project management and management consulting experience. He has specialized in the management and deployment of large scale ERP client/server systems.

In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of EyeOnWindows.com, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. (www.learnabouttheweb.com) and The Redmond Cloud (https://www.theredmondcloud.com).

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  1. I’m not buying that sh*t.

    It’s so slow…

  2. I think its exactly this kind of confusion which might be a deal breaker for Microsoft.

    If professional bloggers, as onoura, Josha Topolsky (the verge) and many others are questioning the type os user of a device in the marketplace, then something has really gone wrong. Im sure many people will adopt the surface, and it will be successful, but it will definitely not be as popular as other devices currently available.

    • Yeah.

      I want to really like it. Just trying to give you all an honest impression from my travels.


      • Rodney Longoria / November 1, 2012 at 2:57 pm /Reply

        Onuora, it seems to me based upon this review, that Surface RT isn’t the answer for anyone who needs to bang out any serious work, and that the Surface Pro is more up the alley for what is needed to get the job done without extra devices. But I’m only basing that off of what I know of a device that isn’t even out yet … so who really knows at this point?

        It appears that the RT version is more suited to the consumer at this point in time. Now, if you could use One Note to upload photos and do basic editing of the photos and create your blog post through One Note, and have a way to upload said post, would be one way to deal with what you have on hand to work with.

        However, I’m not sure how much photo editing can be done other than cropping. Just a thought. Plus, I’m not sure if you could link to WordPress (and therefore your blog here), and upload it from One Note.

        If there’s a future app built that could handle this (if One Note can’t do it), you might have your answer. But still, there is the in-flight issue you have to deal with. Great introspect, and I now know for sure I’ll wait for the Surface Pro, regardless of price. Thank you!

  3. I love my surface!!!

  4. i’ll wait for surface 2 pro.
    i want to have: touchcover, kickstand, nfc, Minimum 8 GB RAM, Intel Atom (or sth newer) processor, i want to be able to use legacy apps and for sure i want to have all the rest of surface advantages and specs… a pen might be useful too.
    i want to use it as a tablet with the power of a real tower-pc. i need to be able to use CAD applications and stuff like that without any problems. anyway that would be AWESOME. i would have a bigger screen (connected to my surface) on my desk at home with external keyboard and mouse, connected to surface via Bluetooth… this are my future dreams of a perfect device.
    anyway my standard Laptop will do for now…

  5. I think it would have been interesting to see how your trip had gone if you had left the rest of your devices at home. Having the devices that you know and love readily available certainly must have kept you from using the Surface. Or, stated another way, could you have done everything you talked about with any single one of your other devices? Your laptop certainly could have, but would have probably been a bit cumbersome in some situations. Your Ipad would have been a pain to have to blog with, even assuming you have some sort of Bluetooth keyboard.
    So you didn’t want to pay for a picture editor and you don’t like to login. Those appear to be the primary reasons you didn’t use it. Only having IE as an option for a browser, not sure why that is an issue. The only way to truly see whether something will work for you is to use it. This was the perfect opportunity to put the device through its paces, but by bringing along a bag full of technological crutches, you missed the chance.

    • Well stated. I really Onuora’s writing and this blog, but for the life of me he is so ifruit oriented I really don’t understand why he blogs on Windows when nothing until now is not an iToy.

      • Because I like Windows hardware?

        • Onuora, it really frustrates me to see these redicilous comments saying you are an Apple fanboy or Microsoft fanboy when you criticize a product. The fact that you are honest about your experience is what keeps your integrity. Keep up the great posts.

          Your, and other bloggers’, reviews really help me decide on which device to get. You guys help us prevent buyers remorse. I really appreciate this. I simply wish these fanboy accusations would just stop.

          • Thanks Nazmus.

            I know it’s got to be frustrating for people to see that first I was excited about it and then it’s not all that hot.

            I need to think about the use case and it will work for some people. Just not sure it will for me.


          • Is Onuora really honest or a just jealous of Microsoft products. It seems he cannot write an objective review.
            Comparing the Surface tablet with a Mac Book Pro, a personalized Ipad and a laptop that you may or may not need?? The Surface must be one heck of a device or this review just stinks. What do you think??
            I think that the Surface is a great device. To substantiate this, see the following points:
            (1) The Surface could have done everything he did on the Mac Book Pro if he knew how to use the browser (IE), if he knew where the photo/image editor was and if he had a POP mail client available.
            (2) He could have typed easily on the Surface if he had booked a business class flight, instead of economy.
            (3) He could have blogged and manipulated photo’s on the Surface if he wasn’t so cheap.
            (4) In the hotel the Surface would have been faster and easier than the Ipad if he had taken the time to personlize it to his taste.
            Conclusion: the Surface RT is one heck of a device.
            It just shows that Onuora does not know what he is talking about.

          • LOL


            That’s a great way to start my morning. Thanks for the comedy.


          • Okay, let me tell you something:

            First, at least have respect for the person you are mentioning. Calling someone “cheap” is utterly disrespectful, and this immaturity immediately lowers your credibility.

            Secondly, when it comes to consumer electronics, don’t blame the user. “oh, you should have paid more for business class”. “You should have paid more for a photo editor”. “You are holding it wrong.” “You don’t know how to use IE.” “You need to know how it is meant to work.” These all imply that the product isn’t as intuitive. Furthermore, such comments imply that you should spend more than the hefty price you are already spending. If that’s the case, why not get a better device (maybe a Windows 8 tablet) in the first place. This are indeed compromises in a “no compromise device”.

            Finally, I encourage you to not take criticism of a product you like personally. You may like something, but I may not; and vice versa. No one product is right for everybody. Don’t become emotional; but remain objective.

            One last thing: you may be tempted to say that I am a Microsoft hater, or Apple fanboy. Let me tell you one thing: I am a huge Microsoft fan. I am a Windows 8 fan. I have been running Windows 8 exclusively on my machines since the developer preview. Onuora knows this because I actively commented on this site and praised Windows 8. However, I am not ignorant and MS-Sheep. I will look at things objectively. So, please don’t accuse me of being an Apple fan.

    • I respect that view.

      When I have things to get done for work though, I don’t really gamble. I tried as much as I could to do the things I do on a daily basis but it didn’t work.

      Could I have managed? Of course I could.

      Problem is, when you pay $690, you don’t pay it to manage.


      Thanks for the comment.

      • Did you try Clever Photo? Seems to do quite a few things and is free to try (only $2.49 to buy). I didn’t see any photo editing software that cost $15, so not sure what that one was.
        I agree you shouldn’t just have to manage to get by with any device. However, I doubt that when you first got your ipad you figured out all of the things it could do in just a few days. You have done a deep dive into the Apple ecosystem and are comfortable there. But in order to properly view the Surface RT you need to look at it with fresh eyes, which is what you did the first day you had it. But then it started to feel like work trying to get it to do all of the things you are comfortable with in Apple land. I do understand, but I really think, for the sake of your readers, that you step back a bit. In a matter of one week, you have gone from, “Hey, this is great”, to “I’d wait to see what the Surface Pro is like”.
        It seems like you put a great deal of emphasis on how something “feels” and whether it looks “sleek”. And so you were initially wowed by how nice the surface felt to you. But once the newness of that wore off and the ecosystem didn’t immediately fill your needs, you lost interest.
        I have been using Windows8 on a Samsung Series 7 Slate for almost a year (in all of its prior iterations). I have been running it almost that long on my primary Dell laptop as my daily work machine. I bought a Surface for R&D for work to test side loading of apps and to see if the keyboards would be usable, so when the pro comes out we can get some for our execs. I even bought an early beta version of Kingstons Windows8 approved USB device to test out Windows to Go (which works very well). The point of all of that is, in order to really know how this stuff works, you can’t just brush past it.
        Do I think it is all sunshine and rainbows? Or course not. I am one of the most stubborn IT people around. Change is not something I usually embrace, but in this case, I made the decision to give it a fair shake. I watched your video where you spoke to a room full of people about Windows 8, knowing that it wasn’t until recently that you even upgraded to Windows 8 on your own machine.
        Dive in man, the water is actually pretty nice.

        • Artefacts.


          That was the $14 photo editor a friend found.

          You have some great points I would like to address one by one.

          I bought the device because I continue to look for a device to replace my MacBook Pro. I believe that Apple have had that space to themselves for too long and I was THRILLED to find what might have been an alternative.

          I was initially wowed and remain wowed at the build, quality, finish and execution of the device. I take none of that back. It’s a beautiful tablet and everything works VERY well.

          It comes down to what I call each person’s usage profile.

          Your usage profile is R&D work to test side loading. I am also guessing the company may have purchased that for you?

          My usage profile was I bought it myself to use as a primary device. Once again, unloading my MacBook Pro to Craigslist would give me TONS of pleasure.

          This particular device just doesn’t work for my usage profile.

          Do I think it’s all sunshine and rainbows? Frankly, for $690 YES! It has to be.

          If the device is $199 or $299 then you get some slack but for $700 I need some rainbows.

          My own personal opinion is that if I am paying that much money, I shouldn’t have to make excuses about very much.


          As for how long I have been playing with Windows 8, I would refer you to this post:


          It’s been a while.

          That’s the nice part about having a blog. Lots of evidence that works for and against you.

          • I remember that blog post, in fact, I saved it in my news reader at the time so I would remember to follow up on how that went (did you ever follow up on that, I honestly can’t remember?). But have you ever tried using Windows8 as your primary os? What is running on your MacBook Pro right now? Playing with it and immersing yourself in it are two different things.
            As far as a usage profile, I’m pretty sure you knew what you would need the device to do before you bought it. A quick scan through the Windows store beforehand and you could have tested out some of the photo editors to see if any of them would work for you and if not then you would have known to hold off until there was one. Based on your response, a friend had to tell you about something he found. It’s not like it was hidden or anything. I have no idea whether Clever Photo would do what you need, but if I was buying a device, expecting to edit photos on it, I am sure I would have checked.
            I am certainly not saying the Surface RT is an amazing device. I would not buy one because I know it wouldn’t work for me. I would want it to do work and home stuff and it can’t do the work part right now. I need a certain type of VPN client that isn’t available, so its a no go. If I was just looking for a device for home, still probably not, because my wife likes to do heavy photo and video editing and is comfortable using legacy Windows apps for that. But again, I know what I need and I know it doesn’t have it. But I won’t be waiting for the Surface Pro either. I am not caught up on the sexiness of a device. If the Surface Pro is considerably more expensive then say a Samsung, then I will get the Samsung, plastic back panel and all.
            Different mindsets I guess. Or just different strokes.

          • Yeah it’s all good.

            How cool is it that we can share our points of view huh?

          • Your fourth paragraph removes any credibility you might have had as far as reviewing Surface with RT. To say that you got this device to replace a MacBook Pro is absolutely ridiculous, and I’m NOT an Apple fanboy. The two devices aren’t even in the same class with each other. The only comparison that would have made sense would have to wait until the Surface Pro is available. RT is a cutdown OS with very limited capabilities, but you should already know this and compare it with devices in its class.

      • Mister Onuora alsways seems to respect others views, but never acknowledges that he writes crap. It’s like saying, commentators can say whatever they want, but it really does not matter what commentators say, in other words, the heck with commentators.
        Well mister Onuora, you compared the Surface tablet (which you mostly did not use) with a Mac Book Pro, a personalized Ipad and a laptop that you may or may not need?? In my opinion the Surface RT must be one heck of a device for you to make such a comparison. To substantiate this I want to give you a few thouhgts of my own:
        (1) The Surface could have done everything you did on the Mac Book Pro if you knew how to use IE, if you knew where the photo/image editor was and if you had a POP mail client available.
        (2) You could have typed easily on the Surface if you had booked a business class flight, instead of economy.
        (3) You could have blogged and manipulated photo’s on the Surface if you weren’t such a cheapskate.
        (4) In the hotel the Surface would have been faster and easier than the Ipad if you had taken the time to personlize it to your taste.

        It just shows mr. Onuora that you do not know what the heck you are talking about.

      • The other trouble is if you were able to replace it . what would you have goine for?

    • I see your point but the trouble is Rt will not be able to do all the jobs of the others do . Does ipad replace a real laptoip? No so it is difficult to wish for a a replacemnet that is AIO.

      • Yes, but he thought it would. He thought a device running a cell phone processor was going to be enough. And without knowing what it is he needs to do, who am I to say. I have seen people with souped up laptops who just surf the internet and I’ve seen people melt their motherboards trying to play processor intensive games using a crap Centrino machine. People just need to take the time to figure out what they need and whether the device they want will fill that need. Or at least ask someone that may be able to point them in the right direction. Which is what people come to sites like this to do.

  6. On 10.13.2012, I commented on the high price of the Surface, and @ 03:11 AM 10.14.2012 I got a response from Onuora stating “You think $599 is too much?”

    Here it is 11.01.10 and our very own Onuora thinks the Surgace id over priced, and I agree 100% and still think that pricing is going to hurt the sales more so than the lack of apps.
    Leaving tonight for LA for the most Awesome Concert of the year. Big Bang Alive World Tour. Big Bang Rocks the Night!

  7. Good article but as far as logging in I use the pin option which is as fast as logging into an IPad

  8. I am not sure why people complain about the price? The 16GB iPad is $499. The 32GB Surface is $499 without the cover. The 32GB Surface with cover is the same price as the 32GB iPad with no cover. The pricing is the same for the 64GB models but again you get a cover with the Surface. After you buy accessories for the iPad you are going to spend much more. I think people got excited with the rumors that the price would start at $199. I’m sure you would agree that this is not a $199 tablet. The Touch Cover is very nice. Better than I thought. I don’t think you needed to purchase the Type Cover. Actually, the onscreen split keyboard is easy the use as well. I find myself using that more than anything. I am not that much of a techno junkie but you can’t argue that the Surface is very well made. I too am looking forward to more apps but I was one the purchased a windows phone when no one else had one and the app store grew quickly. No, right now I don’t believe the Surface RT is for someone who needs to complete complex tasks but its nice for the average consumer. I haven’t used my laptop since I got my Surface. I also believe with updates that the device will grow in function in time. Unlike Apple where you have to buy a new device every time they make a small change.

    • People complain about the price because of brand recognition. Typically, you have to prove your watch is as good as a Rolex before you can charge $10,000 for it.

      The iPad is a known quantity with a LOT of apps. In this scenario, it’s usually helpful for the challenger to enter the market with a little bit of a discount.

  9. Well… I have never been interested in any tablet device at all until the incarnation of Windows 8. The possibilities of this product are enormous. So for me it is a no-brainer to wait for the device that runs the full OS.

    Apple products have always been super quality but are way over priced, so I will never likely go there simply because I don’t like being ripped off.

    As for the Surface, I think MS have set a base line for the quality of future Win-Tablets, so it would be prudent to wait to see what other companies come up with as far as specs and quality.

  10. with wonderful android tablets for less than 150 $ around, the RT is nonsense … only a surface pro that is able to run all windows desktop applications could be appealing .. let’s say for about the same price of an average laptop (300-400 $?)

  11. Well, i sincerily don’t understand why you and Mr Thurott have rushed to get the Surface RT when you knew how limited Windows RT actually is.
    I think that Microsoft is making a significant error by releasing Windows RT that soon out of fear because of the iPad success.
    They should have focused at first on Windows 8 and then release Windows RT when it would be ready for its prime.

    Windows RT needs to be perfected, like the Metro side of Windows 8, and completely desktop less.

    Microsoft should have taken its time to build a Metro version of a subset of Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
    Those applications would have not only show that it is possible to build quite powerful Metro apps, something Microsoft is claiming but i have yet to see, but those applications would show that the Windows RT platform is a great o.S without the desktop.
    As a developper, i fear that Microsoft is making the same error with Metro apps that it did with W.P.F.
    Moreover Windows RT should have support Windows Phone apps out of the box and free of charge for those who already have a Windows Phone and especially paid apps for it.

    Now with both Windows RT and Windows 8 Microsoft is just managing to confuse the user and it is really unfortunate.
    Btw, Microsoft should have push harder for a wider availability of a new generation of mouse like devices with multitouch capabilities.
    Because without them Windows 8 can be a painful to use on a traditionnal P.C.

    • I rushed to get it because I was excited to see how it would work.


      • But if you had been using Windows 8 as your daily driver, then you would have known how it would work. You don’t need a Surface to go check out what is the Windows Store. Every review seems to be the same, awesome hardware, but software is lacking. Lacking for that reviewer. All it takes is a little research on the consumers part. I don’t jump on the latest fad, oh I need Instagram to make my pictures look old and crappy. There are a lot of people that want some basics. I have used all of the ecosystems and this one is the only one that with one login, right out of the box without adding any additional apps, gives you this much. I don’t need to download a Twitter and Facebook client, they are tied in to my People hub. My Photo hub is already populated as well. IM, Calendar, Mail, Skydrive, Xbox, etc. all there.
        The problem is, the people doing the reviews do not use Microsoft’s ecosystem. If you are going to properly review something, you have to see it from more than one angle. If I were to review an Android device and tried to cram my Microsoft world into it, it would not be nearly as fun. The reason most reviewers can easily transition from Android to Apple is because they have set themselves up in both ecosystems. But no one takes the time to set themselves up in Microsoft’s.
        If the name brand app they have used in the past isn’t available, they immediately get turned off. Even if there is a perfectly good alternative. My wife and I play Words By Post, which is a cross-platform online scrabble game. People have asked us, oh do you play Words with Friends? We say no, we play Words by Post, you should get it and we can play each other. They all just look at us like we are crazy, because apparently there is only one online scrabble rip-off.
        There are also plenty of people with smartphones and tablets, that do not know how to use anything on their device, including even how to download apps. I sent an email out recently with an address in it. Soon after someone replied, “Where is this place at”, with “Sent from my Iphone” at the bottom of it. Really, the person doesn’t even know how to look up an address on their phone?

    • Couple questions here.
      How did you determine Microsoft pushed out the Windows RT ” out of fear of Apple’s success”? The one thing Balmer has been saying for years is that he is pushing to get Windows on a tablet. Even when many of us firmly in the Microsoft camp wondered what shape that would take. Beyond that, Apple’s business model works. Have you not seen the success of Google’s android? It is strikingly identical to Apple’s business model and why not? The CEO once sat on Apple’s board of directors prior to the launch of the first Nexus phone. Samsung lost a billion bucks to Apple for following Apple’s success a bit too closely in the process.
      Second question is how did you determine Windows 8 to be painful on a traditional PC? Every computer in my house is now running Windows 8. We spend 90 percent of the time on the desktop only because there is a 10 percent we can do on the Metro side. Beyond that, all apps work as it did before with Windows 7. There is no pain to speak of but there are things to learn. Once you know, you know. Its second nature like riding a bike and driving a car.
      Granted, some people simply “can’t” learn. In actuality they probably shouldn’t have a computer to begin with or at least they should not be apart of these discussions since they sit in a class all onto themselves. That is not a slight. It is reality. Because it is the nature of computers for us to learn how to use them. When they are ready to “step up”, they do. Just like they always have.

  12. Comparing the Surface tablet with a Mac Book Pro, a personalized Ipad and a laptop that you may or may not need?? Well the Surface must be quite a device. What a nitwit.

  13. Hi
    Like all new devices it takes time to have a great support. Remember first week with android?. nevertherless paying $500 is not a joke when you can buy ready made products. so I say give RT time and we will tell. I am sure there will be RT V 2 etc… just like ipad. Now with the new Intel_ Real Tablet _ I can not say it will be a miss unless the prise is crazy. but wait who says that MS will be dominent here? I am sure other companies will cut in. The trouble with laptops is that the touch screen is not cheap . the other down side to this is also the fan that powers intel do you really want to have a Tram vibrating under your lap? time will tell. for me I will wait till next year.

  14. atom tab at 11.6 inches would be nice

  15. Do not have such a sum of money for Microsoft Surface, and
    anyway here in Romania, since you can’t buy something, but I still a tabletPC,
    of course with intel ATOM (N475) and with Windows 7. Out of curiosity I
    installed Windows 8 RP and after a few minutes I restore initial system!
    Microsoft has ‘ forgotten ‘ some screen resolutions … My Device has 1024×600
    pixel and Microsoft requires minimum 1024 x 768! After a few searches with
    Google, I found the solution how can be “tricked” Windows 8 RP to
    accept a screen resolutions lower than 1024 x 768. That was a month ago. So far
    I am pleased with Windows 8 RP. Startup speed is amazing, but in general, many
    other programs are kinda “slow” at startup. Yet rideing worth this
    investment in the new operating system from Microsoft

  16. i think the major problem with surface is that it lacks 3g/4g connectivity

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