Much has been made of the rise of other competing mobile platforms like Android and iOS in the past couple of years. Some even took this as a sign that these new OSes may affect Microsoft’s dominance in the operating system realm.

The latest statistics from market research firm Net Applications show that Microsoft’s still commands a pretty strong hold on the operating system world.

Despite how you classify the sales performance of Windows 8, despite what results Microsoft’s efforts to kill of Windows XP have brought, the fact remains that the Windows operating system, in total, finds itself on 91.78 percent of computers the world over.

And the fact also remains that Microsoft has only conceded only 1 percent of the OS turf this past year.

The Windows platform had a share of 92.53 percent back in May 2012 — meaning eleven months onwards, things are still pretty much under control for Microsoft.

Android, iOS, Mac OS X and Linux may have been increasing their user base, but most of the technology world still is four color — the four colors of the Windows, at that.

And the story does not end here. Microsoft has acknowledged more than once recently that the software titan is more than willing to pay more attention to customer feedback. The results may very well show up as early as this summer when the first upgrade to Windows 8 is set for availability.

Add to these the rumors that Redmond has already begun development of the next generation of the Windows operating system, Windows 9, and you can rest easy that Microsoft’s supremacy of the OS market is not coming to an end any time soon.

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  1. Thanks to windows 8, I had to install Ubuntu on my work PC( already has a windows 8 licence and boss wouldnt buy a new one.)

  2. @apsuva : you are fool , you don’t like windows 8 just because of lack of start menu, peoples like you kills innovation, windows 8 is far better than windows 7 in almost all aspects , to find or know this fact you are required to have your hand on windows 8 for at least 1 month, and I am sure after that you will fall in love with windows 8.

    • 3rd party Start menu are available…You can pin your favorite software on the task bar……Windows 8 is faster and require less hardware support than Windows 7 . But new desktop interface may make some problems…

    • I used window 8 for 7 months… Then i gave up! Downgraded to windows 7… For the first 3-4 month it was simply awesome… Installed the dev preview in october… So much impressed that i bought the pro version for which i had to pay only ₹699/- … It then when things started to get ugly… Lags and sometimes it would just freeze… Most of the time when i would be seaching for control panel… Its still an immature OS… Windows rushed it launch date… They should have launched it after proper testing…

    • And mind you… I m a windows lover… And i am writing all this from my windows phone disqus app…

  3. WillyThePooh / May 1, 2013 at 5:32 pm /Reply

    @Apsuva Why don’t you just downgrade to win7? You can use your win8 license key. Hope you all well with Ubuntu.

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