I first realized that I was in love with Windows 7 back during the beta. While I enjoyed the improvements to the Vista interface and the overall speed-ups, I think I was most impressed by just how finished and refined it felt for a product that wasn’t even out the door.

I remember thinking, “If this is how it is, unfinished, hopefully it will be even better when it comes to store shelves”. With Windows 7 I was right, and it turned out to be a very solid product. Now we have the Consumer Preview for Windows 8, and what have I found so far?

While it isn’t perfect, for the most part, Windows 8 also feels quite solid. It is reliable and enjoyable, and personally I’ve only had the device hang up on me once, and it had to do with a program that I had just installed that didn’t want to play nice at first.

Microsoft does a great job of giving us “beta” tests that are actually very polished and not too far off from the final commercial product that we get our hands on. That being said, this is a Beta, and it is going to have a few bugs. Some of them are going to be very minor and some might be a little more severe. In most situations, all of them won’t be that common though.

Honestly though, I’ve yet to hear about any real troublesome bugs and haven’t run into anything myself beyond two minor annoyances that I’ll list shortly. My experience with Windows 8 Consumer Preview has largely been as trouble-free and stable as my time with Windows 7 (beginning years ago with the beta).

Despite the lack of real major problems, there are some password and account related issues that have been popping up regarding Windows 8. The most crucial of these is a Windows LIVE ID-related bug that won’t allow you to have more than a 16-character password for your ID to log into Windows 8.

It seems that many users have reported that just typing in the first 16 characters can sometimes get you logged in or just experimenting around with the first X amount of characters and changing that number until you are finally inside of Windows. This doesn’t sound very secure or fun, again this isn’t a common problem from what I’ve seen but it certainly could be frustrating.

The next two password related issues are less bugs and more annoyances in design, I suppose. The first is that once a username is bonded to a LIVE account, you can’t change it (at least not that I saw).

When I first installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview, I decided to make a new LIVE account for testing. Later I changed my mind and wanted to use my existing one. You can’t unless you put in a new home account to bond it with. Not a huge deal, but still slightly annoying.

The next, once you have Windows Live bonded to your account you must type in your password and cant auto-login. I could be wrong, but it doesn’t seem like there is a way around this (if there is and I’ve just overlooked it, feel free to share!).

Honestly though, if these are the WORST bugs I can dig up, you really have to give Microsoft a round of applause. These are rather minor issues and it really speaks to the quality of Windows 8 Consumer Preview and gives us something to look forward to in the final version as well.

What about you? Any major or even minor bugs or design issues that you’ve encountered that you wish to share with us?

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  1. I agree! My password was more than 16 characters long. Once I logged in for the first time with my Microsoft Account, I could no longer log in subsequently. Therefore, I had to go to another computer, log in to my Hotmail account, and change the password to be less than 16 characters. It worked then!

  2. I’ve also only encountered minor bugs, and all of these have been in the desktop mode.  I’ve noticed that if I open too many tabs in IE10, the top area of the browser stops redrawing and looks weird.  Also, when I close a tab, I sometimes see a flash of another tab.  I also noticed that the tabs at the top of Chrome sometimes disappear to, though resizing the window usually fixes that.

    I haven’t noticed any bugs in the Metro side of things, except for an occasionally crash of apps that causes it to return to the Start screen.  Restarting the app always works.

  3. the consumer is a user!

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